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Witch Tree
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guarding spells and fetishes

Cotton: Of course. Like a witch's cauldron.

Isaac: A tree? Like a cauldron? And folks say Isaac's touched.

The Witch Tree is a bent old tree located in the heart of Salem woods, near the clearing used by witches to celebrate their Sabbaths.


A bent and gnarled old tree located in the heart of the forest, used by witches as a place of burial for the fetishes of their spells. At the high branches that resemble the claws of a hag are hung the skeletons of uborn or dead children, offered to the Devil, while among the gnarled roots are buried enchanted objects. The trunk has a cavity that vaguely resembles the female genitalia, likened by Cotton Mather to a witch's cauldron.

Throughout the Salem series

Season One

When John Alden, along with Isaac Walton reached the clearing where witches' Sabbath that they were intent on spying would have taken place, the man noticed some infants skeletons hanging from the branches of a large tree. Asking for explanations to his companion, Isaac revealed that they were gifts for the Devil. (The Vow) Two nights later, Isaac come back on the site to show to Reverend Cotton Mather what they had discovered. The young reverend then showed fascination for the witch tree and he found inside the trunk - that he likened to a witch's cauldron - the severed hand of a dead man engraved with occult symbols, and full of ants that escaped from the palm of the severed hand as soon as the two men lit up the hand with a lantern (The Stone Child).



  • This tree may be the reason why Countess Von Marburg called the Essex witches worshipers of twigs, although it is more likely the correlation with Widdershins' stronghold.

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