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Weather Control
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General Information

to have control over weather


Countess Von Marburg
Anne Hale
Little John / The Devil
Unnamed German witch

Tell the captain to lift anchor, and once he has made his way out of Boston Harbor, I will send a stiff wind to speed our way to Salem.
— Countess Von Marburg

Weather Magic are a series of rituals and spells used by witches to control and manipulate atmospheric conditions.


The supernatural ability to influence the weather, ranging from bring the rain to cause breezes and gales, to unleash violent storms and unfavorable winds for sailing. A witch can harness the winds resorting to a bewitched knot, which consists of a cord knotted according to particular nodes that magically bind the winds. To bring the rain the witch must, however, resort to feelings of sadness; the act of crying, in fact, will bring down rain from the clouds according to sympathetic magic of the like attracts like. This magical ability requires experience to be mastered, as it allows witches to manipulate unstable events of nature, as well as dangerous as lightning and thunder. This spell can be countered or, rather, expected by resorting to a water charm if the witch is able to procure the magical trace of the witch that is causing the storms.

Throughout the Salem series

German on prostitue's back

a mysterious German witch informs John Hale to have braked Increase Mather offshore.

To prevent Increase Mather to come to Salem, a German witch in league with John Hale used a bewitched knot to bind the winds until he was discovered and killed by the witch hunter. Cutting the knot finally Increase released winds could arrive in the city.

Anne Hale was the first witch to demonstrate this power in action, causing rain in a moment of despair when she was lost in the woods. Later, after learning how to master her skills enough, she used this power to turn off the fire started by Mary Sibley in church, during a confrontation with the Countess Von Marburg.


Anne Hale inadvertently cause the rain as she cries

The Countess said to be able to command winds favorable to sail in a conversation that she had with her son, Sebastian. This has proved true as the ship arrived in Salem few days after she performed her magic. The Countess also unleashed a storm over Salem, while the citizens (including Mary Sibely) were in the church, to announce her imminent arrival to the Samhain of the Essex Hive. The citizen, including George Sibley, mistakenly interpreted this event as the will of God.

During the exorcism practiced by Reverend Cotton Mather on little John, the latter began to have side effects, speaking archaic languages and ​​vomiting and swarms of insects, as well as sparking a violent storm that darkened the skies of Salem in a few moments.



  • In Sci-Fi cultures and paranormal phenomena, generally handling of atmospheric entities goes by the name of Atmokinesis, from ατμός κίνησης (Greek for "moving steam"): the ability to manipulate, control or influence the weather and atmospheric conditions using supposed psychic powers.
  • The German witch in league with John Hale sent a magical message by making the text appear on the bare back of a prostitute: "Windstille - er sucht mich aber ich bleibe versteckt" which magistrate Hale translated as "We are becalmed - he searches (me) but I stay hidden ".
  • Historically witches have been accused in several trials, especially in Europe, to cause storms and hailstorms ruining the crops, thus causing famine. According to some historical witchcraft spells rain can be caused by creating ripples on the surface of a puddle or lake, or by throwing pebbles behind invoking the names of the spirits.

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