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imprison watery magical signature and foreshadow imminent threats.

I'll make a water charm to warn me if it draws near.
— Mary Sibley

A Water charm is a small glass vial, horn-shaped, and enchanted so that it can act as a magical warning sign.

Description Edit

This enchanted object fashioned to be worn as a pendant, is a powerful tool to predict imminent attacks of an enemy that makes use of watery spells as the vial contains water bewitched by the hostile witch and, therefore, its magical signature. Once enchanted, the water charm will warn the witch of the approaching enemy by starting to seethe.

Throughout the Salem Series Edit

Following the spectral attack suffered in her bathtub, Mary Sibley desperately resorted to the use of a water charm to ward off possible attacks that could come as a surprise by the unknown enemy who is targeting her. To do so, she resorted to Anne Hale, a 'virgin witch,' so that the young witch could descend into the well used as a conduit for the watery spell, and creating the water charm after sacrificing a kitten. In the middle of the ritual, Anne was attacked by the hag sent by Countess Von Marburg, but was able to complete the spell to seal the well, thus avoiding that it could be used again as a conduit. (Book of Shadows)

The very next day, Mary Sibley started wearing the amulet, often controlling the condition of the water contained in the vial. But it was only during a meeting in the church that the water began to boil, just before the outbreak of a terrible storm conjured by the Countess as a warning of her imminent arrival to Salem. (The Wine Dark Sea)

Rituals and spells Edit

To manifacture a Water Charm

A witch may extract and capture the magical signature of another if the medium through which the enemy's sorcery travels be water. A living creature must be held under and upon death, a rhyme is spoken. Thereafter, a small vessel that may be carried conveniently is filled to brim. The witch may be warned of her enemy's presence when the water within the vessel boils, whether the foe be in either physical or spectral form.

  • Incantation: "Breathe your last, be empty shell and by your death my words compel. Water, water, drawn from Hell, let the boil your steps foretell. Water, water, drawn from Hell, by my words seal this well."
  • Used by: Anne Hale

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Memorable Quotes Edit

Mary Sibley(to Tituba): "I will make sure that whatever came last night cannot come again without fair warning. I'll make a water charm to warn me if it draws near. I need but a taste of their signature."
-- Book of Shadows
Mary Sibley: "My assailant used the water in this well to reach me, right here in the very heart of our domain. Last night, they had the element of surprise. Now we must take it from them. You must take it from them."
Anne Hale: "Me? What can I do?"
Mary Sibley: "You can capture the magical signature of the witch who threatens us in this. It will give us fair warning if they dare draw near again."
Anne Hale: "What do I have to do?"
Mary Sibley: "There is no magic without sacrifice. So to begin, you must drown an animal at the bottom of the well. Hold the vial beneath the surface of the water till it is filled and recite the incantation to seal the well. Then bring the water charm to me."
-- Book of Shadows
Sebastian Von Marburg: "Perhaps you give her too much credit. Perhaps she is merely ignorant of what a true consecration demands."
Countess Von Marburg: "I doubt it. She's hardly what I'd call a wise woman, but she's no fool. She knew enough to take the only virgin witch in her hive and use her to make a warning sign, and worse, to seal my little peephole into her kingdom."
-- The Wine Dark Sea

Trivia Edit

  • Water charm is one of the few enchanted objects specifically mentioned on the show. Others are the Malum, the Clock of the Doom, the Traveler's Mask.
  • From Mary 's words, later confirmed from those of the Countess, it is clear that a water charm can only be manufactured very well from a virgin witch. The word 'virgin' is, however, misleading, but Anne Hale fits both interpretations: she's a virgin witch because she never had sex and virgin witch as she is at the very beginning of her dark journey in Witchcraft and has not yet signed the pact with the Devil.

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