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Tituba S03 Official Photoshoot
Biographical Information

Cunning Woman / Witch

  • Handmaiden (formerly)
  • Seer

Unknown [1]

Significant Kills

Alexander Corwin

Physical Information

5'8" (1.73m)

Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Brown (formerly)
  • Gold
Relationship Information
  • Father †
  • Mother
  • Sisters
Supernatural Information
Significant Spells
  • Necromancy
  • Breaching the Wall of Silence to resurrect Mary
Character Information
Portrayed By


Episode Count


First Appearance

The Vow

Last Appearance

Black Sunday

Save your pity. You understand nothing. It is not revenge I seek any more than a surgeon seeks revenge on the carcinoma he removes. You people are the carcinoma. You cannot hate the Puritans more than I. Were it only a matter of Puritans. They are but one tiny tribe of you criminals, murderers, and hypocrites. You set out from your lands to discover the world... as if the world wasn't known to the people who lived there. Every place you people set foot on this earth is a crime! And then you have the audacity to complain when others would dare to treat you with the same cold, calculating slaughter that you have dealt every other people in this world. Believe it or not, I am truly sorry that you must be lost in the storm... but I know you, Mary. You are too smart not to see that what is coming is no crime, but justice. Cruel perhaps, but justice.
— Tituba to Mary Sibley

Tituba was a very powerful witch who served as a handmaiden to George and Mary Sibley at The House of the Seven Gables. Abducted and enslaved as an innocent child, Tituba became a witch as a means to avenge the molestation and murder of her family as well as to free herself from the cruel and inhumane oppression that she endured from the Europeans. Later in life, Tituba became even more powerful after she was imbued with the powers of a Seer.

Tituba is portrayed by actress Ashley Madekwe.

Early Life

Tituba meets the devil Image

Tituba meets the Kanaima.

Originally from the Arawak tribe, Tituba was born and raised in a South American village before she was abducted from her homeland and sold into slavery. Tituba explained how the Europeans invaded her village and murdered most of the men who lived there, including her father. Before the Europeans brought Tituba to the New World, the Puritans forced Tituba to watch as they raped her mother and sisters. Tituba claims that she too would have been raped, had she not have been a child. Soon after that, Tituba was sold into slavery where she was abused and neglected by all of her masters, except for the Walcotts. Tituba implies that in spite of the cruelty that her masters inflicted upon her, they still raised her by the Christian Bible, where she was brought up to believe that the Christian God was an all-powerful and benevolent God who loved all of his creations, including her. However, Tituba claims that in spite of her faith in the Christian God, whenever she would cry out for God to save her, he never did. It wasn't until the Kanaima appeared to Tituba in the woods that her life changed for the better. Not only did the Kanaima care for Tituba throughout the rest of her childhood into adulthood, but he empowered her and taught her everything there was to know about witchcraft.


Tituba is ambitious, determined, faithful and mysterious. She is loyal to the witches cause and will stop at nothing to ensure that Mary upholds her duty to complete the Grand Rite. Tituba is also shown to genuinely care about her mistress, Mary Sibley, and is very protective of her. Tituba is also extremely vindictive, as she bears a grudge against the Puritans for the humiliations suffered during the period of slavery. Contrary to what may seem, the woman also showed a certain fragility when it comes to Mary Sibley, due to the deep feelings that she's feeling for her.

Physical Appearance

Tituba is a tall beautiful young woman with a light-brown complexion, dark brown eyes and medium length brown hair that is naturally curly. She has a slim physique and usually wears plain dresses in a variety of dark colors such as black, dark blues and burgundy. She normally wears minimal jewellery, usually only a pair of small earrings.

Throughout the Salem Series


At some point during her life, Tituba revealed herself as a witch to her closest friend, Mary Walcott. Later, when Mary discovers that she is pregnant with John Alden's child, Tituba convinces Mary that John died in the war. Afraid of the repercussions that she would face should the Puritans discover she is pregnant out of wedlock, Mary is convinced by Tituba that the best thing she can do for both herself and her child is to offer the child up to the devil in exchange for power. Tituba also explains to Mary that she would never have been forced to make such a painful sacrifice if it wasn't for the cruel and inhumane society created by the Puritans. This is where Mary learns the importance of the Grand Rite, which was created over five centuries ago as a means to create their own society of witches by killing everyone who wasn't. With the assistance of another witch named Rose Browning, Mary marries the town's richest and most influential selectman, George Sibley. Once Mary accepts her new life as both a wife and a witch, Tituba helps Mary to enslave George Sibley in order to obtain his power and wealth all to herself. According to Magistrate Hale, Tituba is one of the most faithful witches dedicated to their cause. Even after Tituba is arrested and tortured for witchcraft, she remains loyal to the Hive by consisting lying to Increase Mather. While Tituba falsely accuses many of the villagers, including John Alden, of witchcraft, the only real witch who Tituba betrays is Mercy Lewis, whom Tituba has always despised. After Tituba is released from jail, she reveals to Mary Sibley that in spite of what Tituba lead her to believe, Mary's child is alive and well and threatens Mary Sibley to complete the Grand Rite or else they would kill her son.


To Be Added!


Bleeding and in pain, Tituba is wandering in the woods after being brutally attacked by a flock of crows that have blinded her. Disheartened, Tituba stumbles on her own footsteps when the voice of Petrus echoes around her, inviting Tituba to reach his hut where he made Tituba aware of her new abilities of a seer, obtained by swallowing his eyes. Petrus then urges her to see the future that witches have built by giving the Earth to the Devil himself. Tituba sees a fiery wasteland and a red sky as the flames of Hell.

Tituba vision in After the Fall

Tituba foresee Hell on Earth

Tituba has nothing else to do but to dig up her sister witch, Mary, and head to the Essex Stronghold to convince the elders of the Hive to help her in an almost impossible task: raise the dead. The elders are reluctant, judging Mary Sibley nothing but a traitor, but Tituba manages to persuade the ancient witches and together they perform the ritual by laying Mary's corpse in a hollow tree trunk, where she is wrapped in a protective chrysalis made of roots. Following the ritual, Tituba approaches the enchanted chrysalis and is almost strangled by a newly resurrected Mary Sibley.(After the Fall)

At all intimidated by the insults and anger of Mary, Tituba advises her former friend that the resurrection through the primordial tree has her confined to Salem, and that will be Mary's task to kill the thing that inhabits her son. Tituba then puts Mary's hands on her empty eyes so that she might see the corpse of John Alden and the rest of the carnage that would be carried out by the Dark Lord. Once she convinced Mary, Tituba must now convince her opponent in love and enemy. Safe in Petrus' hut, Tituba projects an attractive version of herself - with her eyes still intact, clean clothes and jewellery - at Alden's house and made the man aware of the disastrous future that will happen, ordering him to infiltrate within militia to fight the raiders and the war outside Salem. At first, John is reluctant to trust Tituba and even goes so far as to insult and try to strangle her, but Tituba's projection is intangible.

Driven by necessity and cunning, Tituba's looking for the perfect aid between Petrus's stuffed animals until she finds a black cat, to whom the sorceress removes the eyeballs and use them to brewing a concoction formed by unsavory ingredients, including herbs and cockroaches crushed in a mortar. Before starting to brew the potion, Tituba sewed the cat's hollow eye sockets with red yarn. After setting fire to the contents of the silver cup, Tituba sips the potion and breathes life on the stuffed animal that comes alive at the exact moment when Tituba's hollow eye sockets are filled with supernatural feline eyes. She has regained her sight, and uses the cat to spy on the surrounding area, exactly like Petrus did with his animals. (The Heart Is A Devil) Continuing to use self-made her familiar to spy on The House of the Seven Gables, Tituba discovered Mary's fate in the hands of the Sentinel. (The Reckoning)


Tituba in the woods

Bothered by having to do it all alone, Tituba resorts to magical arts to save the day. Always by means of her supernatural eyes, the wise woman discovers that Cotton Mather has been abducted by two mysterious individuals, who have a house in the woods. By quartering a deceased dog, she picks up from the dog's stomach a little hare. After having chopped the hare as well, Tituba extracts from it a kind of black egg, which she uses to halt a spell of the Devil himself. Breaking the egg with his bare hands, in fact, Tituba knocks out the flock of crows chasing Cotton, which in the meantime had managed to escape from his captors. Once Tituba has convinced Cotton to follow her into the hut, the woman reveals the Reverend the imminent birth of a child who is already asleep in its mother's belly. She then invites Cotton to make a decision: stay in Salem and stop the devil, or cross a mysterious door and reach any destination he desires. (Night's Black Agents)

Concerned about the fate of her sister witch in the House of the Seven Gables, Tituba appeared in Mary's bedroom, feeding the worm of suspicion about a potential traitor within the Essex Hive. At the request of Mary, then, Tituba informed the Essex Elder about it, showing her a vision of the Dark Lord plotting with an unknown party. Enraged by the discovery, the Essex witches killed the member of the hive indicated by Tituba. Later, Tituba was visited by the Dark Lord in her cabin in the woods, revealing Tituba as the actual traitor. In fact, Tituba is still at the service of the Father of Lies, waiting for her reward for years of loyalty. Unsatisfied by the continuous demands of the Devil, Tituba asked it was made a new pact, signed in blood. Using the claws of her black cat to scratch the palm of the Devil, Tituba licked the blood. At this point, the Devil told her to kill his brother. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

Using Grimalkin as a spy on the streets of Salem, Tituba projected herself into Alden's house to inform him about a mission for him, and how little time was left to complete their intent to stop the end of days. Since no Alden was preparing to cooperate, Tituba arranged a meeting between Mary and John in the woods, snatching Mary from the Devil's house through magical means. Tituba and Mary, then, were made aware about the jewellery containing red mercury stolen by John to a French commander. Leaving the two lovers alone, Tituba left. Later, Tituba and John met in secret so that the woman instructed the captain on how to forge an Angel Dagger, a blade infused with enough power to destroy the mortal body of an angel. Despite John's scepticism, Tituba gave him a vial with some herbs to be used during forging. (Wednesday's Child)

When the Essex Hive performed the ultimate sacrifice to bestow unto Mary enough magical power to defeat the Devil in his human form and return him to hell, Tituba took advantage of the cover of darkness to retrieve the dismembered limbs of the vessel. (The Man Who Was Thursday)

Sought refuge in Petrus' hut, Tituba was busy mending the dismembered body of the vessel using a ritual similar to that used to resurrect familiars through cunning craft, using red thread and unknown herbs arranged on the table. In the middle of the work, she was visited by Mary, and had to hide the body under the covers, risking of being discovered by the former friend when she nearly discovered the Devil's vessel's severed head floating in the water tank. (Friday's Knights)

S309 Tituba Card

Titua sewing the Dark Lord's dismembered body

Attracted by the voice of her master beyond the Hell Gate, Tituba crept between the walls of the House of the Seven Gables, where she was again blinded by Mary when the latter broke Grimalkin's neck, breaking the link between the witch and her familiar. The two had a fight, and Tituba revealed her displeasure at the fact that Mary was a collateral victim to reach a bigger plan. Tituba then revealed her contempt for the Europeans, and their arrogance to colonize and enslave people all over the world like animals, plundering the world as they please. Having made it clear her true colors, Tituba left the room so Sebastian and Anne Hale could complete the last stage to conduct the Great Terror by opening the Gate of Hell. (Saturday Mourning)

S310 Tituba black eyes

Tituba foreseeing her tragic fate

While Tituba was busy enjoying their success grinding some herbs in her shut, Tituba was visited by Anne Hale during her killing spree because she wanted to silence anyone who could undermine her rise to power as the true Queen of the Night. Anne then laid her hands on Tituba's eyes, showing the seer the sad reality of her assumptions; or how the world in the future would be built on blood, sweat, and blood of people like her. Tituba was then shown with no mouth trapped inside of a cage in a slave ship overflowed of prisoners, leaving open about her future as it is not clear whether this was just a vision created by Anne to scare her, or Tituba's personal hell. (Black Sunday)

Powers and Abilities

Tituba is a powerful witch who has successfully manipulated all the events leading up to the completion of the Grand Rite through her "mistress" Mary Sibley. Tituba is also one of the two known witches beside Countess Marburg to have been taught witchcraft directly by the Devil himself, when she was still a child.


Tituba's Pact with the Devil

She has shown herself to be knowledgeable and skilled in various practices of witchcraft and unlike Mary who is occasionally reckless in her practices, Tituba understands the limits of her abilities. This is due to the fact that Tituba has taught Mary most of her skills, implying that all of Mary's abilities are also Tituba's abilities, though she relies on them less often. She is also learned in the history of ancient witches and European hives and easily figured that Anne is a Cradle witch of a powerful bloodline. According to her hive, Tituba is the most gifted necromancer among their witches, though unknown to them she also taught Mary the same practices. Tituba's noteworthy skills in necromancy were invoking the spirit of William Hooke by using his skinned face and a rabbit as a sacrifice.

S02 Tituba eating Petrus's eyes

Tituba eating Petrus' eyes

Tituba is also the one who usually sends Mary to the Sabbaths and the one who presides over her body. She is also the one capable of sending witches into a dream-walking trance as she often did with Mary when the latter needed her aid. Tituba was also shown to be highly skilled in illusion spells fueled purely by her sheer will as seen when she caused John to believe that Petrus' corpse was talking to him. During their sexual intercourse, she was able to glamour herself as Mary, in order to manipulate John. Along with Mary, Tituba has practiced several powerful spells, such as the one to locate and link Corwin to the head of a ram, which the two used to kill him. With Mary's aid, Tituba was also able to transform the former's familiar into a bird. As seen with other witches, Tituba demonstrated an inhuman durability as she seemed to heal quickly from the tortures inflicted upon her by Increase Mather.

Tituba throwing burning coals

Tituba's Control over Fire

It was also said that she practiced divination in order to locate John for Mary, though nothing came of this. It is possible that after her ingestion of Petrus' eyes, her psychic powers have increased drastically as he served as the hive's seer. Tituba also had some form of control over the elements, as seen when she was able to hold hot coals without inflicting any harm on herself.

She is one of the most powerful witches of the Essex Hive, having taught and made Mary into the powerful witch she is and initiating her into witchcraft in the first place.
Tituba getting back her sight

Tituba regains her sight

Despite having left behind the lustful Malice for a short period of time, to pursue a sort of cunning craft enough strong to match witchcraft, Tituba proved to be equally and remarkably capable of performing rituals and spells, even able to hinder a spell cast by the Devil himself. As the seer, Tituba knows the past, present, and future of whoever she wishes. Her psychic abilities are also increased by the support of a familiar that she herself infused with magical powers, a black cat that allows her to reach long distances and spy on her enemies. Worthy of note is also the ability to project herself anywhere she desires and assuming the aspect that most pleases her, healing wounds and scars and appearing at the peak of her beauty. In addition to projection, obtained without falling into a paralysis, Tituba is also a mistress of teleportation.


Main article: Mary and Tituba
Salem - Episode 1.01 - The Vow - Promotional Photos (6) 595 slogo

Tituba and Mary in the woods

Originally the relationship between Tituba and Mary was as close as sisters. Tituba was accepted as a servant in the house of the Walcott and treated by Mary the same way as a sister. This affinity consolidated throughout time. Tituba seems to have love feelings towards her mistress and Mary uses more than once the situation. Following the return of John Alden and betrayal of Tituba, the relationship between the two witches cracks irreparably.


Tituba kissed by the Dark Lord

That between Tituba and the Dark Lord, often referred to as Kenaima by her, is a long consolidated covenant and she's believed to be taught the art of Witchcraft by the Devil himself. Their alliance has always been lasting until, tired of serving the Devil without ever getting her desired revenge, Tituba asked for a further covenant with the Dark Lord, in which he committed himself to respecting the agreements. Tituba has always been a faithful servant, despite the Devil disfigured her face for triggering her visions as a Seer.

Main article: Mercy and Tituba

Mercy and Tituba in the cemetery

The relationship between Mercy and Tituba was non-existent up until Mary turned Mercy into a witch (The Red Rose and the Briar).

At times their relationship was antagonistic due to Tituba's possessiveness of Mary and their relationship finally came to a breaking point when Mercy cast a spell to gain control of Tituba's familiar to silence George Sibley to protect Mary from Increase Mather. She later accused Tituba of witchcraft leading to her arrest and torture. Tituba enacted her revenge on the girl by telling Increase that Mercy was now a witch, forcing Mercy to go into hiding.

Main article: Tituba and John


Memorable Quotes

Tituba (to Mary Sibley): Do not fear the woods.
-- The Vow
Tituba (to Increase Mather): You cannot know what I have done, or who I served, until you know why.
--in The House of Pain
Tituba (to Increase Mather): I am not a witch. I am not a puritan. I am of the Arawak tribe. Or I once was. But I close my eyes, and I can still see the green of my jungle and the deadly white of the Englishmen's faces. I had never seen skin like that, so white when we see them walking towards us, we think they are ghosts. Slavers. They slaughtered many of our men, chained the rest, and have their way with the women. I am too young to be of use to them, but my mother and sisters are not. And they forced me to watch. Later, in chains, I look back, and they're burning the huts of my village, and I see two red eyes staring back at me, out of the trees. And the red eyes speak to me, "Tituba, you are mine."
--in The House of Pain
Tituba (to Increase Mather): And who started this war between Puritans and witches? The mighty many of you? Or the scattered few of them?
-- in The House of Pain
Increase Mather: When exactly did you sell your soul to the Devil?
Tituba: My body was bought and sold many times, but never my soul, not until I came to Salem. I am a child in a cage, given less to eat than the animals on the ship. I fear I will never see the sun again. And then a man comes. It was he that brought me to Salem, only to be bought and sold again. I am sold from hand to hand, from man to man. But at least I am no longer in a cage. And my final owner is not cruel. The Walcotts give me a bed to sleep in. Their girl child, Mary, treats me almost like a sister. But still at night, I weep for my mother, and I ride a river of tears out of my straw bed, into the dark woods.
Increase Mather: The dark woods? Who do you meet in the dark woods?
Tituba: The kenaima. He has come to save me. Save all of us. He draws to him all who hurt, all who hide, all who hate, all who thirst for justice, gathers us into the circle and promises us a leader, a savior, one who will crush our enemies with a mighty fist. And he keeps his promise!
--in The House of Pain
Tituba (to Increase Mather): Don't you see? There are no witches. There are only poor people like me who are hunted and harried. Tortured and slaughtered and for no reason other than they are not you!
-- in The House of Pain
Tituba: I, traitor? I, who have endured the worst that sick man could inflict upon my flesh to protect you? I think not. 'Tis you who have betrayed those who nurtured you. You who have turned your back on everything we have planned these long years!
-- in Dead Birds
Tituba (to Mary): Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but your sacrifice accomplished precisely nothing Saved no one, least of all John Alden.If you want to save the life of your love, it is not enough to kill yourself. You must kill your son.
-- The Heart Is A Devil
Tituba (to John Alden): How frustrating. I must save the world through two stubborn fools that only want to save each other.
-- The Heart Is A Devil
Cotton Mather: I know you. You are a witch.
Tituba: Whatever I be, if I served him would I have saved you? Come.
-- Night's Black Agents
Tituba (to the Devil): I have resurrected and delivered Mary Sibley to you. I have kept John Alden far from your door. And then, I sent you Cotton Mather when all your other witches failed. I have earned my reward and my vengeance!
The Dark Lord: Indeed, you have. And all shall be as we agreed once you arrange this one last matter.
Tituba: One more? And then another and another and another. I've served you because it was to our mutual benefit. But you make me a pact here now. I will do one last errand for you, and you will deliver on all your promises to me.
The Dark Lord: And how shall we seal our pact?
Tituba: In blood.
-- The Commonwealth of Hell




  • Historically it is unknown if Tituba was of Native American or African descent.
    • Since in the first season Tituba has referred several times to the Devil as "Kanaima" is possible that the authors have decided to give the woman Caribbean origins since "kanaima" is a term in the Carib language used to describe an evil spirit.
    • Her Caribbean origins are confirmed in"The House of Pain," when Tituba claimed to descend from the Arawak tribe.
  • Historically Tituba was the first to be accused of witchcraft but was never executed, and it is unknown what had happened to Tituba after the Salem Witch Trials. [2]
  • Ironically, in spite of being the Devil's most loyal and pious servant, the Devil blinded Tituba for her treachery against Mary Sibley.
  • Tituba claims that she taught Mary Sibley everything she knows about witchcraft, implying that Tituba has all of the powers displayed by her mistress. Tituba also claims that unlike most witches, the Kanaima himself taught her about witchcraft, implying that Tituba is more powerful than she appears.
  • The description given on official Instagram to accompany the promotional photos of the third season is as follows: "Tituba: the mysterious handmaiden turned traitor."
  • WGN America Salem official website described Tituba as:

"Mysterious and mysteriously ageless, Tituba is the indispensable helper to Mary Sibley, Salem’s most powerful woman. Tituba is ostensibly Mary’s servant in the Sibley household, but in private, behaves as if she’s Mary’s superior. There is a great deal of history between Tituba and Mary – they have experienced unthinkable deeds throughout the years. Although closely tied to Mary, the beautiful and exotic Tituba has powers and secrets all her own."

  • The updated summary description of the character for the third season described her as:

"Mary Sibley’s mysterious servant has eaten Petrus’ eyes and now has the abilities of a seer. From the dead, Petrus shares a horrifying vision of hell on earth and she knows Mary Sibley is the only who can stop the Devil boy."

  • On Twitter, Ashley Madekwe said that it takes over an hour to do the prosthetic scarring on her face. Additionally, prosthetic flaps cover her own eyes so vision is limited. [3]
  • During Ask Salem interview, Ashley Madekwe said that her favourite props are the animals, especially the rabbit with which she had to shoot the Necromancy scene in the first season. She does not like insects, though. Ashley Madekwe respects and acknowledge Wicca as a religion, but does not believe in witchcraft as an evil thing. She does not believe in the supernatural, but she still put a tourmaline bracelet - considered a remedy against negative energy - in her bra during some ritual scenes because it's "better safe than sorry." When asked what other Salem's character she would play if she could, Ashley Madekwe said she'd like to play Petrus. Interesting enough, in the third season, Tituba inherited Petru's burden as a Seer.


  1. Almost as much as her historical counterpart, Tituba's fate is uncertain, since Simon and Braga have been somewhat vague about the outcome of Tituba's confrontation with Anne Hale. The possibilities are many, including the one according to Tituba is dead and is trapped in her personal Hell. A second theory is that Anne simply showed a threatening vision to discourage Tituba from hindering her; Or that Anne magically sent Tituba aboard a real slave ship, magically depriving the woman of her mouth. The first two theories are the most popular among Salem Wiki fans.
  2. Tituba on
  3. Ashley Madekwe about her season 3 make-up

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