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The Traveler's Mask
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General Information

Enchanted Object


has the power to transport the owner wherever he/she wants.

The Traveler's Mask is a magical artifact belonged to John Hale and probably acquired during his many travels. It has the power to transport the owner wherever he/she wants.


A mask that reproduces a male face, with small slits for eyes and a beard on his pointed chin. It has two straps that allow you to tie it to the face of the wearer. Although burned, continues to own its magical abilities and does not seem to have suffered much damage from the fire.

Throughout the Salem series

Season One

In Children Be Afraid, Anne woke up in the middle of the night by some noise. Venturing into the hall sees a hooded figure enter the studio of her father and when she touches his shoulder to make it turn, the mantle falls to the ground revealing no body beneath it, only a disturbing mask.

In The House Of Pain, Anne Hale intrigued by the events of the previous evening, gathers the mask of her father and seeing through the eye's cracks of the same sees the forest rather than the walls of the room of the house. As if she is hypnotized by the object, wearing the mask and in the blink of an eye she finds herself in the middle of the woods. Mrs. Hale, furious over the incident, she gets angry with her husband who reveals his inability to help their daughter because the mask can be used "round trip" by one person at a time.

Season Two

In Blood Kiss, the mask begins to attract the attention of Anne moving alone on the table in the study of the late John Hale. Mysteriously the object seems to have sensed the desire of the young witch to go to Boston and satisfied her, carrying her in the middle of the harbor city.

In Midnight Never Come, Anne Hale used the Mask to magically teleport her and the little John in the woods.



BEHIND THE MASK- Xander Berkeley01:39

BEHIND THE MASK- Xander Berkeley


  • Apparently the mask perceives the unconscious desires of the owner.
  • The mask can be used by one person at a time and traveling in one direction (the witch has to go back through other means, because the mask remains at the starting point).
  • The prop artifact was created by Xander Berkeley ("Magistrate John Hale" in the show) together with the other prop makers, drawing on artistic experience learned from his father, a painter.
    • According to Berkeley the Traveler's Mask is based on the concept of Ancestral Mask and it has been very difficult but exciting at the same time create something from an inanimate object, because people are afraid of inanimate objects.

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