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Together they rebelled, along with other brothers, against the heavenly host and suffered the most terrible of divine punishment. Alternately called brothers or friends because, as not born, there are no blood ties as among humans.


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Oliver Bell & Samuel Roukin

We did not suffer and survive the wrath of God only to make you God instead.
— The Sentinel to his brother

The relationship between the fallen angels currently known as The Sentinel and The Dark Lord.

Throughout the Salem seriesEdit

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Memorable Dialogues Edit

The Devil: Finally, brother, you are here.
-- After the Fall
The Sentinel: Is this the mighty Angel of Death? When did you ever spare a life?
The Devil: This life is precious to me.
The Sentinel: Has that tiny meat suit corrupted you? This human body is a pitiful sac of blood, piss, and water. I fear in your case, mostly piss.
-- The Reckoning
The Devil:There are punishments far worse than death. Trust me.
The Sentinel: I did. Once. I persuaded a full legion of our brothers to follow you and throw God, that ungrateful tyrant, from His celestial throne.
-- The Reckoning
The Sentinel: This was to be our time. Revenge against God. A chance to free our brothers from Hell and make this world our kingdom. We did not suffer and survive the wrath of God only to make you God instead.
The Dark Lord: Be careful how you speak to me.
The Sentinel: You are first among equals. Stronger than I or any of our brothers, but you are not stronger than all of us.
The Dark Lord: Brother, is that some kind of threat?
The Sentinel: If that time comes, I won't waste time with threats.
-- The Commonwealth of Hell


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