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The Sentinel
Sentinel-S03-official photoshoot
Biographical Information

Dark Angel (by Cotton Mather)
Creature (by Cotton Mather)
Beelzebub (Angelic name)


Fallen Angel


Devil's right-hand man


Undead (trapped in Hell)

Cause of Death

Stabbed with Angel Dagger

Killed By

John Alden

Physical Information

6' 3" (190 cm)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Character Information
Portrayed By

Samuel Roukin



Episode Count


First Appearance

After the Fall

Last Appearance

Friday's Knights

I and the swarm are the same. My thousands of legs have crawled across your flesh. One day, I will burrow deep and devour you.
— The Sentinel to Mary

The Sentinel [1] is a monstrous creature identified as a Fallen Angel named Beelzebub, escaped from Hell to assist the Devil in his rise acting as his right-hand man. He is a character in the third season portrayed by actor Samuel Roukin.

Early Life

For time immemorial he was entombed, probably because of his siding with the devil during the rebellion in Heaven. In 1685, the Sentinel took part in the rite of initiation of Mary Sibley in the form of a swarm of roaches, after hearing her call for help.


The Sentinel is a demon with a sadistic and detached personality, that prevents him from grasping the humour or understanding human emotions. His character is strongly influenced by his otherworldly nature because, by his own admission, he - as well as his peers - has never been a child, nor has he ever been conceived. Sometimes he speaks of himself as if he were a multitude of entities, characteristic shared with his fellow brother, Satan, who proclaims himself "Legion" (of demons). The Sentinel is a misanthrope or feels dislike for mankind.

Physical Appearance

The Sentinel's true eyes

The Sentinel reveals his true nature

In human form, The Sentinel is a tall man with broad shoulders, clear and bulging eyes and a square jaw. The Sentinel has cropped hair and is clean-shaven. His body is athletic and muscular and has a hairy chest. His clothing is totally black leather, reminiscent of the guards in the pay of Von Marburg witches, like Captain Braun.

His real form is that of a monstrous skeleton covered with a thin layer of rotted flesh, with bared sinews. He can also take the semblance of a swarm of insects as his human body is only a temporary camouflage. His eyes are like those of flies.

Throughout the Salem Series

Season Three

A sinister figure emerges from the ground during a rainy night and wanders the woods until approaching two hapless men lighting a fire, perhaps while guarding, and he attacked one of the men. Under the hood of his cloak, the monster is a skeleton covered with rotting flesh and cockroaches that begin to also cover the body of the victim before the monster takes on the appearance of the assaulted man. The monster wanders towards Salem, reaching the House of the Seven Gables and sneaks into the house. Once in the house, he reaches the bedroom where the devil is asleep, and the two begin to converse. Since the monster is speaking an ancient language, the Devil orders him to speak English. The monster obeys and expresses his doubts about the Devil's plan. (After the Fall)

12B-Samuel Rouking Salem preview

The Sentinel with the centipede

When Mary Sibley comes to the door of her former home, The Sentinel initially mistakes her for a refugee and is about to kick her out. Not at all convinced by the explanations of Mary, the devil gets the task to question Mary Sibley and Sentinel is eager to test her with violent and gruesome means. After having slapped and magically have prevented his movements in mid-air as if she were hanging from the ceiling by his wrists, the Fallen Angel inserted in Mary's ear a supernatural centipede he had previously extracted from his mouth in order to discover the secrets hidden in the mind of Mary Sibley. Initially, he deceived the woman into believing that she had passed the test, but when Mary fatally stabs the Devil in the bathtub, the child transforms into a grown-up naked man. In fact, he was the Sentinel in disguise. The demon at this point grabs Mary by the throat and asks Satan permission to kill her. (The Heart Is A Devil)

When the Dark Lord denies permission to kill Mary, the Sentinel accuses his brother of having softened and being blinded by love and lust for her. After having been hurt by the devil, who squeezed the Sentinel's host genitalia, the Fallen Angel has the chance to torture Mary once again. Weight dragged the woman into another room, he traps Mary's head in the Angelic Box of Anguish, a mystical artefact that traps the human soul in a kind of parallel dimension. While he is torturing Mary Sibley, Sebastian rushes to her rescue, alarmed by her screams. After the Sentinel has sarcastically commented Sebastian's feelings for the woman, the angel gives a bright jewel known as Angel's Tears to the noble witch, telling him how angels are able to cry when they commit heinous genocide. Later that night, the Sentinel takes part in the ceremony known as "Reckoning", witnessing the Devil while he deprives Mary of all the magical power that he had given her. (The Reckoning)

Alarmed by the escape of Cotton Mather, the Sentinel expresses his disappointment to his brother, at the presence of terrified Sebastian and Anne. While Mary is suffering from the consequences of the ritual that took away all her powers, The Sentinel ridicules her memories and feelings, inviting her to let it go. Supporting her, he leads Mary on the parapet of her former reading room and invites her to jump off after creating the illusion of a huge cliff with no apparent bottom, lit by a surprisingly large moon. When the Sentinel inadvertently reveals to Mary that the devil doesn't hold her soul anymore, she is heartened and challenges the Sentinel to kill her. Forced before the harsh truth to be nothing more than a puppet, subjected to the Dark Lord's will, The Sentinel is bitter, and start staring the square from the balcony while Mary goes out of the room. (Night's Black Agents)

The Sentinel, witnessing the torture inflicted on Anne by the Dark Lord, commented cynically the annoying moaning that injured animals produce. When Cotton Mather was charged with writing the history of the Devil and the Fall of the rebel angels, the Sentinel tells how he fought in Heaven and saw God. The two have a theological discussion that ends in agreeing that the rebellion, whether it was just or unjust, failed. Later, when Mary Sibley asks an audience with the Devil, the Sentinel is afraid for his life because it was he who suggested suicide to Mary, but the woman didn't accuse him at the presence of the Dark Lord. Demanding private explanations, Mary responds simply that they are similar informs the Sentinel about the real plans of the Dark Lord, namely become the new God. Angered, the Sentinel has a falling out with his brother and threatened to take the lead of their brothers rebelling against him. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

The Sentinel expressed disappointment about the plans of the Dark Lord, and the apparent lack of interest of the latter to their fallen brothers imprisoned in Hell. (Wednesday's Child)

When Cotton Mather was attracted by the voice of his father towards the Hell Gate in Sibley Mansion, The Sentinel had time to stop him from opening the door. Later, he sided with Mary and Essex witches against his own brother, furious with the Dark Lord for his lack of interest in the original plan, since Samael was only interested in his aims to become a god instead of their tyrannical father. (The Man Who Was Thursday)

Freed of his conceited brother, The Sentinel carried on the original plan to bring the destruction of Salem, activating the clock of damnation, known simply as "The Instrument;" therefore entrusted the custody of the dark object to Thomas Dinley so that it was hidden in the shop. Drunk, The Sentinel began to rail against his brother trapped in limbo, causing his own defeat when Cotton Mather took advantage of Sentinel's alcoholic weakness to lure him into a trap. Led to the Bird's Nest to discover the pleasures of the flesh, the fallen angel was starting to understand the reality of the human being in all its facets when staggering drunk to an alley of Knocker's Hole, was attacked by John Alden. The two had a violent clash that caused enough bloodshed but was incredibly fatal to the Sentinel when John Alden was able to pierce his heart with an Angel Dagger. The dark angel, at this point, became a swarm of insects before dissolving into nothingness. (Friday's Knight)

Powers and Abilities

This monstrous and mysterious being is able to shape-shift, by really assuming the physical traits of his victims. He also seems to use cockroaches as conductors of his strange magic. The Sentinel is also able to appear under the form of a multitude of insects and to change at will any part of his own body.

Millipedes in Mary's ear

The Sentinel inserts a demonic centipede in Mary's ear

His power is greater than that of the most powerful witches and he seems to be in no way affected by life-threatening injuries, as cuts heal in a matter of seconds without causing the slightest pain as if stabbing a puppet. The Fallen Angel currently known as The Sentinel is also able to conjure up his clothes in the space of a heartbeat so that his naked body is instantly covered from head to foot with his black uniform. One of the unique powers of The Sentinel is to extract the deepest secrets from his victims by entering a supernatural centipede that the demon pulls out of his mouth in his victims' ear canal, and then he swallows it again to acquire the information that the invertebrate has stolen.

He is able to create credible and detailed illusions, glamouring surrounding area with his magic. Since he participated in the creation of the Universe, The Sentinel is able to manipulate and alter reality and its various dimensions, intersecting them however he prefers.


Memorable Quotes

The Devil: "Finally, brother, you are here."
The Sentinel: "Nostoah nanaeel olani noasmi..."
The Devil: "Stop. I haven't heard the old tongue in aeons. I can't say that I like it. Too many memories. But I quite like this one... English."
The Sentinel: "English. English. That's what it is. Better call it "anguish." Sounds like the whimper of whipped dogs."
The Devil: "I see your long entombment has not improved your mood. For once, old friend, rejoice. It has begun."
The Sentinel: "Once, we raised an army of brothers and stormed the very citadel of Heaven. We all know how that ended... in the bowels of newly formed Hell, so I've seen new beginnings before. Forgive me if I hold my tongue, this time, for a successful end."
After the Fall
Mary: "I will not leave him a motherless child."
The Sentinel: "Motherless child? You really have no idea what he is? What we are! I can assure you neither of us have ever been children. We were never even born.
Mary: What are you?"
The Sentinel: "God's first creation and his most enduring."
The Heart Is A Devil
The Sentinel: "We have met before."
Mary: "Never."
The Sentinel: "Seven years ago when the Dark Lord's vessel was taken from your womb. You cried for help. I came in a multitude. The ground around you opened up, and a swarm of insects crawled up through the earth onto your stomach and across your chest. They are me. I and the swarm are the same. My thousands of legs have crawled across your flesh. One day, I will burrow deep and devour you."
The Heart Is A Devil
The Sentinel: "Is this the mighty Angel of Death? When did you ever spare a life?"
The Devil: "This life is precious to me."
The Sentinel: "Has that tiny meat suit corrupted you? This human body is a pitiful sac of blood, piss, and water. I fear in your case, mostly piss."
The Reckoning
The Devil: "There are punishments far worse than death."
The Sentinel: "Trust me. I did. Once. I persuaded a full legion of our brothers to follow you and throw God, that ungrateful tyrant, from His celestial throne."
The Reckoning
The Devil: "Our brothers will be freed and our tyrant father will weep. But I would have my mother beside me then."
The Sentinel: "Beside you? Or beneath you? Just what exactly do you plan to have her with? That boy's tiny member? Or will one of your wretched witches snatch a grown man's...(the Devil grabs his genitals) Oh!"
The Devil: "These suits of meat are capable of the most exquisite pain."
The Reckoning
The Sentinel (to Mary): "I am no incubus that takes pleasure in the sleeping. I would have your spirit sharp when I teach you just how foul and helpless your body is. Not worth the pathetic strength that remains."
The Reckoning
The Sentinel (to Mary): "I once stood as close to God as I stand to you now. I knew him well. He loves nothing more than to forgive those willing to beg him. Could I but step back in time and beg, I would. I cannot, but you can."
Night's Black Agents
Cotton Mather: "You have seen the very face of God."
The Sentinel: "And His ass. It wasn't always easy to tell them apart."
Cotton Mather: "Blasphemy."
The Sentinel: "Truth is blasphemy. All power corrupts. And God's divine power is no exception."
The Commonwealth of Hell
The Sentinel: "This was to be our time. Revenge against God. A chance to free our brothers from Hell and make this world our kingdom. We did not suffer and survive the wrath of God only to make you God instead."
The Dark Lord: "Be careful how you speak to me."
The Sentinel: "You are first among equals. Stronger than I or any of our brothers, but you are not stronger than all of us."
The Dark Lord: "Brother, is that some kind of threat?"
The Sentinel: "If that time comes, I won't waste time with threats."
The Commonwealth of Hell
The Sentinel: "I don't share my late brother's ambition to be God, nor to marry my mother. Nor even to destroy all of mankind, although I don't particularly mind if I do. All I want is to free my fallen angels and make Earth their new home."
Friday's Knights




  • Beelzebub: also spelled Beel-Zebub, is a name of a demon. In Christian demonology, he is one of the seven princes of Hell. The Dictionnaire Infernal describes Beelzebub as a demonic fly who is also known as the "Lord of the Flies". The name Beelzebub is linked with the Canaanite god Baal.

Status and Rank

  • The Sentinel: as the right-arm man of the Dark Lord, this angel acts as his bodyguard, always on the alert.


  • In a recent interview on Starry Constellation Magazine, the actor Samuel Roukin said that he had taken part in the third season of Salem, although his role was not revealed. [2] From the descriptions given in interviews during San Diego Comic Con it is almost certain to associate Samuel Roukin to the role of "Sentinel". This was proved true with the release of the official photoshoot for the third season.
  • In anticipation of the Season 3 premiere of WGN America’s hit supernatural thriller “Salem,” the network has released character portraits featuring the twisted and sexy cast, including our first look at Samuel Roukin, who portrays The Sentinel, a fallen angel and protector of the devil boy (Oliver Bell).[3]
  • "The Sentinel: a new type of evil" is the description that accompanies the promotional photo for the third season on Salem official Instagram account. The caption that, instead, accompanies the behind the scenes video of this character reads: "He has fallen from Heaven and risen from Hell. The Sentinel has made his way to Salem." [4]
  • The words used by the Sentinel are in Enochian, the language angels and demons speak.
  • In a live comment on Twitter, Adam Simon said that The Sentinel is "very directly connected" to the Biblical fallen angel who has become known as Beelzebub. The nature and the full development of this characteristic demon are yet to be revealed. [5]
  • In Friday's Knights, The Sentinel showed a preference for oranges. Always in the same episode, his sexual appetites were a topic of discussion among the prostitutes of the Bird's Nest, especially his concern that women were satisfied by intercourse.


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