The Instrument
The Instrument on shelf
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Dark Artifact


The Sentinel


causing the explosion of Red Mercury

The instrument is filled with Red Mercury. When the hammer strikes, all will blow.
— The Sentinel

The Instrument is a dangerous artifact used to cause explosion of Red Mercury during Black Sunday.


The Instrument is a dark object with the features of a golden clock that marks the inexorable end of time, concurrent with the completion of the Great Terror. Inside, there is a little hammer connected to the clock face. When the time comes, the hammer will enter a Red Mercury capsule, thus causing a large-scale explosion.

Throughout the Salem seriesEdit

The Sentinel prepared the instrument with extreme precision, depositing in it a capsule of red mercury so that it was perfectly perpendicular to the metal nail connected to the watch dial. He, then, carefully handed the instrument to Thomas Dinley for him to keep it in his barber shop, taking away anyone who might disturb the chimes of the infamous instrument. (Friday's Knights)

Memorable QuotesEdit

The Sentinel (to Thomas Dinley): The instrument will be placed here, in your trust. But be very careful. The instrument is filled with Red Mercury. When the hammer strikes, all will blow.
--Friday's Knights
The Sentinel (to Thomas Dinley): Guard the instrument. Let no man disturb it. And if you would survive, come to the Sibley Mansion before the clock strikes on Sunday.
-- Friday's Knights



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