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The Heart Is A Devil
Season 3, Episode 2 (28)
Episode Information
Air Date

November 9, 2016


Adam Simon


Tim Andrew

Episode Guide
After the Fall
The Reckoning

The Heart Is A Devil is the second episode of Season Three of Salem, and the twenty-eighth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 9, 2016 on WGN America.

Synopsys Edit

Tituba explains to Mary that she’s stuck in Salem by the Essex tree, and her mission is to kill her son, the devil. Mary goes to Alden and explains that they need to fight the war from different directions. The Sentinel puts Mary’s loyalty to a test. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Anne force Cotton to make a speech at the church to ease the growing panic among the people, and Mercy puts a spell on Hathorne. Marilyn Manson makes his “Salem” debut as the bloody barber Thomas Dinley. [1]

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International TitlesEdit

  • German: Mauer der Stille (Wall of silence)
  • Italian: Il cuore è un diavolo (The heart is a devil)

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