The Hags
The Elders image
Biographical Information

Salem, Massachusetts


Ambassadors of the Essex Hive


2 deceased, 2 remain

Cause of Death

Blood Loss

Killed By

Mercy Lewis and her Hive

Supernatural Information


Character Information
Portrayed By
  • Juli Erickson
  • Jennifer Griffin
  • Kalisa Wade
  • Peggy Walton-Walker

1, 2

First Appearance


Last Appearance

Cry Havoc

Have I not already done what none before me could accomplish? Including those decrepit, old shits in the woods?
— Mary Sibley about the Hags.

The Hags were an elderly group of powerful witches who served as the Elders of the Essex Hive. Unlike the Widdershins, the hags that serve as Elders often leave the stronghold to communicate in the woods with witches who live hidden in plain sight in the city.


After the bloody and terrible witch hunt erupted in Europe, a coven of witches from Essex, England, fled to the New World and made Salem, Massachusetts their new home and haven.

Physical Appearance

The Elders were a group of women who survived the Burning Times that occurred in Europe. Like the rest of the ancient Essex witches, these hags have bodies corrupted by festering sores and pustules and are dressed in rags.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers

Individual Powers

Throughout The Salem Series

Season One

The Elders were responsible for choosing Mary Sibley to complete the Grand Rite. At the end of the season, it was revealed that the Elders raised the child that Mary Sibley offered to the Devil in order to become a witch and used the child as a threat to convince Mary to continue the Grand Rite in order to have him back.

Season Two

Tumblr nme87gGXVj1s389oyo4 500

The Elders are dead.

In Cry Havoc, the Elders continue to blackmail Mary Sibley into doing their bidding by threatening her son. Later that night, a reckless Mercy Lewis threatens the Elders to make her the new queen of Salem, but after they refuse, Mercy Lewis and her followers kill the Elders hanging them by their bowels in the public square, surrounded fire.



  • Tituba says that the Elders were the last true witches of their Coven.
  • The Elders spoke a strange language, sometimes seem to speak backwards.
    • They share this characteristic with the Widdershins, the latest of Essex witches hidden in the stronghold under the woods of Salem.
  • The reason for their sores and pustules has not yet been revealed.
  • Adam Simon, co-creator of the show, explain why and how the Elders were killed off so easily: "As for the Elders -- first, Mercy is always underestimated by everyone -- that's part of it. But more deeply, the elders are just that -- very old, decrepit, survivors from the Old World burning days who now live in hiding in the woods, and have in effect raised a hive of younger New World witches (like Mary and Tituba etc) to actually achieve their goals for them -- that's why they've had to manipulate Mary all these years to perform the Grand Rite, and to spread the pox and to build the world they themselves aren't capable of building. And like many of those at the very highest reaches of power, they are actually rather physically powerless themselves, largely protected by their status and knowledge and the fear that surrounds them etc -- who would dare to challenge them? Mercy would. Mary actually threatened them many times -- and though it isn't entirely clear in the final cut of 201 -- that's part of why there's a spell on Mary's boy -- precisely to prevent Mary from challenging the Elders or threatening them -- Which is why the boy feels it when Mercy is killing them."

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