The Crags
General Information

mass grave for unwanted dead

Located In

Salem, Massachusetts

You dumped his body into the crags?! Giles Corey built half this town, and you threw him into a goddamn ditch?!
— John Alden

The Crags are the burial place of the undesirable, a mass grave in the woods near Salem, Massachusetts and also one of the main location used by the Essex Hive to accomplish their rituals.


A large valley at the foot of a ravine located in the woods of Salem, used as a burial place for the unwanted, namely criminals, slaves, and Indians. Actually, the bodies are not buried but simply thrown off the cliff and left at the mercy of wild animals or, as inferred by Cotton Mather, the witches who harvest from corpses the necessary ingredients to their spells and potions.

Throughout the Salem Series

Notable unwanted deceased


Memorable Quotes

Cotton Mather: The town would be aware if their own Salem burial ground was being disturbed by corpse grinding.
John Alden: So where do they get them?
Cotton Mather: Isaac, if you'd be so kind as to explain to the captain your duties?
Isaac: I got all kind of duties. Packages to deliver. I also deliver the unwanteds to the crags.
John Alden: The unwanteds?!
Isaac: You know, Indians, slaves, criminals. Pretty much anybody ain't fit to be laid in Salem ground.
Cotton Mather: This is where the witches harvest. And at the risk of another thrashing, it is also your best hope of reclaiming your friend's remains.
John Alden: You dumped his body into the crags?! Giles Corey built half this town, and you threw him into a goddamn ditch?! Let's go.
Cotton Mather: Where?
John Alden: To get Giles out of that shithole.
--in The Stone Child
Mary Sibley (to George Sibley): Our plague turns your dead bodies into Wells of hell-blood. The crags will be filled when the comet passes over. Well, then you puritans will be right for once. The comet really will be a portent of doom Your doom. All of your dooms.
--in The Wine Dark Sea


  • Common burial, also known as mass internment or mass grave, is the burial of several bodies in one collective grave. Human infants, particularly premature ones, are sometimes given a common burial when they die due to loss of pregnancy, stillbirth, or early infant death. In such cases, one or two caskets are sometimes used to hold all the infants.
    • Mass graves are an infamous form of common burial, usually used only in cases with larger numbers of bodies, such as genocide or natural disaster. Mass graves are usually created after a large number of people die or are killed, and there is a desire to bury the corpses quickly for sanitation concerns. In disasters, mass graves are used for infection and disease control.

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