Starry Messenger Comet
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Til Death Do Us Part
On Earth as in Hell
Midnight Never Come
The Witching Hour


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Celestial event

Our plague turns your dead bodies into Wells of hell-blood. The crags will be filled when the comet passes over. Well, then you puritans will be right for once. The comet really will be a portent of doom, your doom.
— Mary Sibley

The Starry Messenger Comet is a celestial body that appears in the sky with recurrent and precise celestial motions and is a prerequisite for the success of the Grand Rite.


A nefarious sign of doom, predicted by the recurrence of a comet in the sky for three days which offers the possibility of completing the Grand Rite, allowing witches to open the Gates of Hell. These astronomical motions are studied and regulated by witches using a rare and specific astrolabe, known as "Clock of the Doom."

Before the arrival of the comet witches must have completed the previous steps of the Grand Rite, i.e. having sacrificed thirteen innocent people, spreading the plague through the Malum and have created the wells of Hell-blood by using the infected bodies. The Starry Messenger Comet glows bright red on the third day, alarming the vicinity of its disappearance but also remembering witches the Eye of the Snake, mentioned in the consecration spell, a clear metaphor of their Dark Lord.

Throughout the Salem series

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Memorable Quotes

Countess Von Marburg (to little John): "Isn't it beautiful? A new star shines in Heaven just for you. And by the time it passes, you'll be that star."
--in Wages of Sin
Countess Von Marburg (to Mary Sibley): "When the comet blazes overhead tomorrow night, little John will be baptized in the river of hell-blood and granted the infinite honor of using his mortal frame to bear his dark force."
-- in Wages of Sin



  • The Comet can be read as a blasphemous version of the same Comet that heralded the birth of Jesus. Even more blasphemous is the recurrence of the number three: just as Jesus rose on the third day according to the Gospels, so the Devil will incarnate on Earth on the third day of the Comet.
  • Dr Wainwright, describing the mastery of the witches in the study of celestial motions, likened the Starry Messenger to Halley's Comet, a periodical comet with an orbital period of about 76 years, its reappearance in 1758–59 having been predicted by Edmond Halley. It was first recorded in 240 bc and last appeared, rather faintly, in 1985–86.

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