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Saturday Mourning
Season 3, Episode 9 (35)
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January 18, 2017


Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson


Jennifer Lynch

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Saturday Mourning is the ninth episode of Season Three of Salem, and the thirty-fifth episode of the series overall. It premiered January 18, 2017 on WGN America.

Synopsys Edit

"Cotton sees his long lost love Gloriana, however, is disturbed when she doesn’t remember him. After finding Alden near to death, Cotton brings him to Dinley’s where a confrontation unravels once Alden realizes Dinley knows something more about the Red Mercury. While still in the traps of Sebastian and the Countess, Mary learns that Tituba is working for the Boy and does whatever she can to keep the door to hell closed which should not be opened at any cost for the sake of everyone’s lives. True colors are revealed and one bleeds darker than the rest!" [1]

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  • Clint James as Isaac's Man
  • Shelby Lang as Lark
  • Emma Wynn as Dorcas

Deaths Edit

  • Grimalkin (Tituba's cat)

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Trivia Edit

  • On the official YouTube account, the trailer for this episode is mistakenly titled "Saturday Morning" instead of "Saturday Mourning"

International TitlesEdit

  • German: Die Teufelsuhr (The devil's watch)
  • Italian: Amara attesa (Bitter wait)

References Edit

  1. Salem Seasonn 3 Episode 9 Trailers for final two episodes

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