Salem Jail
Isaac and Cotton still
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Salem, Massachusetts

Cotton Mather: Appalling. How can you keep prisoners in such conditions?
Magistrate Hathorne: Perhaps you'd care to donate some of your father's estate to help pay for the cost of building larger and more sanitary holding cells for accused witches.

Salem Jail is a place for the confinement of people accused or convicted of a crime. It consist in a series of small cells located near the public square in Salem, Massachusetts.

Description Edit

Salem Jail consists of a structure that hosts a number of cells connected to a scaffold near the public square, recently restructured and expanded under the direction of Reverend Mather. The condition of the cells - and thus the prisoners - are quite precarious, all largely due to the scarcity of funds used mainly to subsidize the costs of war. The gallows consist of a wooden building which is accessed via a staircase and hosts, in addition to the beam for hangings, a series of pillories.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The show opens with the public punishment of Isaac Walton and Abigail Cook, accused of fornication and pilloried.
  • Isaac Walton was pilloried twice: in The Vow to fornication; in On Earth as in Hell for blasphemy and harassment. This second time with Mary Sibley, the latter accused of fornication.
  • Several characters have died on the gallows:
    • Giles Corey was pressed to death with stones, in order to obtain a confession.
    • Bridget Bishop was hanged for witchcraft.
    • Barkers family was burned alive for witchcraft.
    • The corpse of Madame Mab - who committed suicide - was hanged till the break of the neck to perform ad extremis capital punishment for withcraft.
    • Emily Hopkins together with her companions Charlotte, Chastity and Susanne were hanged because of association with the forces of evil and corruption.

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