Salem Cemetery
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General Information

Salem deceased people (particularly, the good Puritan families)



Located In

Salem, Massachusetts

Mary Sibley: A girl brave enough to sketch in a graveyard.
Anne Hale: I'm not afraid of the dead, nor the living for that matter.
Mary Sibley: That's because you know nothing of death and less of life.
— in The Vow

The local cemetery in Salem, located on the edge of town, near the woods.


The burial site built by the Puritans to mourn their dear departed. The tombstones emerge from a soft green lawn, a peaceful garden surrounded by trees and with a view of the bay. This may be the reason why Anne Hale uses it as a park to paint and draw on her sketchbook and be calm from the bustling city.

This peaceful place is at odds with the mass graves, where the bodies of criminals, slaves and the poor are thrown into a ditch, without even being buried, but simply left to rot in the crags.

Throughout the Salem series



  • From several dialogues, it appears that only the Puritan families are buried in this cemetery.
    • In From Within, Rev. Lewis admitted to Dr Wainwright that he has ordered to dig a grave for one of the citizens and that it is he, then, to deal with the management of the cemetery.
  • The Malum was buried in Giles Corey's grave by John Alden, in an attempt to hide it from witches.
    • It was later unearthed by witches Tituba and Mercy before Cotton Mather was able to retrieve it.

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