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Salem Special, twenty minutes long videos released before each season, showing some previews scenes of season première along with interviews to main actors and crew as well as scholars of American colonial history and Salem Witch Trials experts.

The Real Witchcraft of Salem

Season One's Special, titled "The Real Witchcraft of Salem", features an overview of the topics that will be touched by series such as witchcraft, the trials, Puritan lifestyle. The video shows interesting observations by historians and novelists who are experts of Salem Witch Trials. Comments on the series by actors and authors are also present.

Witch War

Season Two's Special, titled "Witch War", features a summary of previous season and few previews of season two. It also briefly introduces new characters and some behind-the-scenes. As usual the documentary features comments from show's creators Adam Simon and Brannon Braga, as well as the main actors.

Note: sometimes this documentary is credited as episode zero of season two.

Season Three

As of November 5, 2016 (three days after the season premiere) no documentary of variable duration between twenty and thirty minutes has been released as happened in previous seasons. Have been released only a brief season two recap, and a brief backstage in two separate promotional videos.

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