Royal Marriage
305 still Mary and the Devil
General Information

Salem, Massachusetts


Approx 1693


The Dark Lord and Mary Sibley


An unholy marriage between the Prince of Hell, and his vessel's mother

I really must have my mother beside me. Today my mother, but tomorrow my queen. She, and she alone, must one day be my bride. There can be only one Royal Marriage. One true consummation.

The Royal Marriage – also referred to as True Consummation, and Holy Marriage of Heaven and Earth – is the unholy union between the Dark Lord and the woman who gave birth to his human vessel.


The Royal Marriage between the Devil and the witch that birthed the Vessel is a fundamental requirement for the Reign of Darkness can exist on Earth. Leading the stages of the Grand Rite to secure Him a proper vessel to walk on Earth, the witch will also ensure the Dark Lord's protection during his apocalyptic plans. After the Great Terror has redefined the world's forms as desired by the Dark Lord, he proceeds with consorting with the Vessel's mother, his Queen. Once this unholy union is established, the Dark Lord and his Bride ascend to the status of gods and rule over the world. Moreover, according to a conversation between the Dark Lord and the Sentinel, the Royal Marriage would act as a starting point to procreate an offspring of powerful creatures – "gods and monsters" – inhabiting the world, newly recreated to imagine and likeness of the Devil rather than God the Father.

Throughout the Salem series

Seasn Two

Having successfully completed the Grand Rite, and hosted the Devil inside the body of John Sibley after drowning him in the Hell-blood pit, the Devil immediately took control over the Salem witches. Beginning to get used to his human body, he revealed to his faithful Countess Von Marburg the desire to marry not her, but Mary Sibley. This is easily explained as only the Vessel's mother is allowed to be his bride. This affront to her pride led the Countess to attempt the life of her rival, ending up being brutally stabbed by the Devil as punishment. (The Witching Hour)

Season Three

The Sentinel, the right-arm man of the Devil, expressed his disappointment towards the human vessel, considering the child ill-suited to the intended aim. The Fallen Angel also expressed the possibility of using a manhood stolen from a grown man by magical means, but this sarcastic joke was quickly silenced by the Dark Lord who harshly hit his brother. (The Reckoning)

In response to the request of Mary Sibley to have a purpose in her life, the Dark Lord put the woman aware of her role as his bride in this dark ceremony, with much disdain on the part the Sentinel, and an astonished expression on the part of Mary Sibley. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

Once the Dark Lord had reached adulthood to a supernatural speed thanks to the energy released by Cotton Mather's sacrifice, he was eager to consort with Mary Sibley. The woman, however, showed remarkable reluctance to end this union, judging it extremely sinful and immoral. The Dark Lord, when he heard that word coming from who he once considered one of the best among his witches, reminded Mary of how she had already broken moral and social conventions countless times in the past. He, therefore, ordered Anne Hale to guide Mary Anne at his altar, or the marriage bed. Unbeknownst to him, Anne firstly led Mary into the dungeon, where she helped her mother, the Countess Von Marburg, to take possession of Mary Sibley's body. After that, the Countess and the Dark Lord copulated but were interrupted by Anne Hale, who stabbed the Vessel with the Angel Dagger, with astonishment and horror of both Devil and the Countess. The young ginger witch revealed she did this in order to lead another Grand Rite herself, willingly to use her unborn child as a new Devil's Vessel who would allow her to become the true Devil's Bride instead of either the Countess or Mary Sibley. (Black Sunday)

Memorable Quotes

Countess Von Marburg: "The Holy Marriage of Heaven and Earth is wasted on an ignorant and ungrateful peasant girl!"
Mary Sibley: "You want him. I do not. Be my guest. He's all yours."
Countess Von Marburg: "If only but no. You were his father's whore, and now you will be his. Come along."
Mary Sibley: "He doesn't want you? All your lives longing for one who only wants me. How that must hurt."
The Witching Hour
The Dark Lord: "I would have my mother beside me then."
The Sentinel: "Beside you? Or beneath you? Just what exactly do you plan to have her with? That boy's tiny member? Or will one of your wretched witches snatch a grown man's..."
The Reckoning
Mary Sibley: "Give me a reason to live. Some small sense of why you have preserved me and what lies before me."
The Dark Lord: "I shall, dear mother. I shall. I am here to fulfill the promise of your existence."
Mary Sibley: "I do not understand."
The Dark Lord: "When my father took on a suit of flesh, he required two Marys one to birth him and one to love him. But I need only one Mary. You. My mother and my bride. And then we shall rule, not this New World, but all worlds. You will not be the queen of Salem but of the Universe. An immortal. A goddess."
The Commonwealth of Hell
Mary Sibley: "I don't want to be a god. Only a woman."
The Dark Lord: "Do you think your namesake asked to be chosen? Your consent is not required."
The Man Who Was Thursday
The Dark Lord: "You refused the boy I was. What say you to the man I've become?"
Mary Sibley: "Boy or man, it makes no difference. We cannot marry."
The Dark Lord: "Did not my Father get His Mary with the very child He would become? I shall simply reverse the order of things."
Mary Sibley: "It is unnatural. You are my flesh. I gave birth to you."
The Dark Lord: "You and I shall both be gods. And we shall birth a race of gods and monsters."
Mary Sibley: "I've already birthed one monster who would be God. That is quite enough for me."
Black Sunday
Countess Von Marburg (to the Dark Lord): "I waited eternities for you. Waded through centuries of blood and for what? To lose you now? With eons of evil and ecstasy spread before us and oceans of blood to bathe in and a world at our feet for the taking..."
Black Sunday
Anne Hale (to the Dark Lord): "I'll bring you back. But I will be your immortal bride, not Mary. I already carry the child you will make your new home."
Black Sunday



  • Myths and religions present in different cultures around the world share the common idea of a spiritual union between heaven and earth able to create a divine sharing of wisdom and knowledge. Depending on the tradition this union can be spiritual or carnal, or both. For centuries, from Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire to the pre-Columbian peoples it was customary for sovereigns taking on the role of grooms or brides of a certain deity, embracing heaven and earth to bring prosperity to the kingdom. If obviously a union is established with negative forces, the union is to be considered ungodly.
  • As implied by The Sentinel in "The Reckoning," this unholy union aims to re-populate the world after the Dark Lord has extended his dominion over it.
  • Mary Sibley doesn't seem fully convinced to want to have a sexual relationship with the body of her dead son. This is understandable from the stunned expression that she has assumed in discovering the plans of the Devil. This disbelief can be interpreted as yet another part of the chain of events unleashed by the Grand Rite that Mary ignores.
  • This is one of the great rituals that are part of the mythology of the show; the others are: Grand Rite (also known as "Ritum Magni"), Consecration (or "Dark Baptism"), Great Terror and The Reckoning.
  • According to the Dark Lord, bride's consent is not required to celebrate this ceremony.

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