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Reverend Lewis
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Salem, Massachusetts





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Relationship Information

Mercy Lewis (daughter)

Character Information
Portrayed By

J.D. Evermore (in The Vow) Thomas Francis Murphy


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First Appearance

The Vow

Last Appearance

Blood Kiss

The witches have already taken your life. I no longer fear the puritans claiming mine.
— Rev. Lewis to his daughter

Reverend Lewis is the priest of the town of Salem and Mercy's father. Recurring character throughout the series, is portrayed by the actor Thomas Francis Murphy.

Early Life Edit

Little is known of the life of the Rev. Lewis, the Shepherd of the Salem town. According to his daughters Mercy Lewis, he visited his daughter at night to have intercourses with her, thus making him an incestuous pedophile.

Personality Edit

A Protestant pastor, uncompromising and tied to the precepts of his religion, he is forced to step aside when the Mathers , respected family of Puritans arrived directly from Boston to free the city from the witches, whose Rev. Lewis daughter, Mercy, is one of the victims.

Physical Appearance Edit

A man in his fifties, stout, flabby face, thicker reddish hair, and a full beard of the same color. Dressed according to the customs of the Puritan culture.

Throughout the Salem serie Edit


Quotes Edit

Mercy Lewis: They will hang you if they learn of this.
Reverend Lewis: The witches have already taken your life. I no longer fear the puritans claiming mine. The wretched spirit that inhabits you must be excised. Do you trust me, Mercy? That I would do nothing to hurt you?
Mercy Lewis: Well, of course not. Father!
-- in Survivors
Reverend Lewis: I am, uh, astounded at the charity you've shown my child, but if I wish to see her, is that not a father's right?
Mary Sibley: Why, in particular, do you wish to see her, Reverend? Were you perhaps considering another exorcism? Do your days grow dull, lacking a child to beat and torture and the nights far too lonely with no daughter to visit?
Reverend Lewis: I would never...
Mary Sibley: Mercy is mine. Return here again and these accusations will be made public.
--in Children, Be Afraid

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

Name Edit

  • Nameless: Rev. Lewis is one of the few characters that has not yet been referred by his first name.
  • Lewis: Derived from the given name Lewis, Medieval English form of Louis. A famous bearer was Lewis Carroll (1832-1898), the author of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. This was also the surname of C. S. Lewis (1898-1963), the author of the 'Chronicles of Narnia'.

Status and Rank Edit

  • Reverend, member of the Protestant clergy. In some situations, the title "reverend" is used synonymously with pastor (as a priest of a church), but more properly denotes the ministerial office. In the case of Reverend Lewis, he seems to be more a pastor of the Church that a religious minister.

Trivia Edit

  • In the pilot a woman and a little girl are shown out of Mercy's room , but are neither named nor shown in later episodes. These could be the wife of the Reverend and other children.
  • The character was played by a different actor in the pilot, then permanently replaced by Thomas Francis Murphy in all other episodes of first and second seasons.

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