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Biographical Information
  • Villages and towns nearby Salem (formerly)
Character Information
Portrayed By
  • Tyner Rushing
  • Olga Wilhelmine


First Appearance

After the Fall

Refugees seem to be coming in from all over.
— Magistrate Hathorne

Refugees from the villages and towns nearby Salem, Massachusetts, survivors forced to flee from the Indians and French troops, who have looted their homes.

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Throughout the Salem series Edit

Season ThreeEdit

A mass of refugees accumulates at the borders of Salem, asking to be accepted as the Indians and the French have burned and looted their homes. Initially, Magistrate Wendell Hathorne is not well prepared to receive them, even when a woman stands as a spokesperson for the needs of refugees, and let the militiamen threaten the unfortunate with shots as warnings to leave. To put in a good word with the magistrate is Isaac Walton, who relies on the great pride of Hathorne, saying that to be a great man, one is required to have a large following. Totally duped by Isaac's words, Hathorne allows the unfortunate ones to find refuge among the boundaries of Salem. (After the Fall)

Notable refugees Edit

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Memorable Quotes Edit

Refugee woman: "Homes are being burned! He doesn't understand. Our homes are being burned. Indians, French devils... they murder us. For the love of God, let us in!"
Refugee man: "Yeah, let us in!"
Magistrate Hathorne: (indistinct shooting) "That will be your only warning."
--After the Fall
The Dark Lord: "The terror outside drives refugees into Salem, where soon they all, including my dear father, will be but the burning candles that ignite my inauguration."
Anne Hale: "But, my Lord, how does it serve you to destroy those you would rule? Surely we want a new world, not a dead one."
The Dark Lord: "All good gardeners know some must die that others may grow."
--After the Fall

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