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Petrus' Hut
Petrus 106
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Salem, Massachusetts

I am here in my hut. Come. My place is now your place.
— Petrus to Tituba

Petrus' Hut was the refuge of Petrus, commonly known as the Seer, for most of his life nearby Salem.

Description Edit

A hut located in the dense woods surrounding Salem, whose location apparently changes from time to time to disorient unwanted guests if we consider the words of magistrate John Hale, who, however, has also admitted to not being an expert when it comes to go into the woods. Exteriorly the shed is covered with large wooden tables and trunks covered with moss that camouflaged the hut with the external environment. The interior of the cabin consists of a fairly large room with a dirt floor and several shelves on which are stacked stuffed animals that include a wide range of terrestrial beasts and birds of prey such as foxes, wolves, owls and crows among others. A large wooden table is positioned at the center of the room, burdened by the weight of a number of wooden and glass bowls and cauldrons, many left to burn directly on the tabletop creating puddles of dried wax on the table, and several jars containing herbs and roots useful for spells and rituals of the shrewd man.

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Trivia Edit

  • The hut has served as a refuge for John Alden and Cotton Mather during the second season, following the untimely death of the owner at the hands of John Alden himself. In the third season, the spirit of Petrus sheltered a recently blinded Tituba in the hut, offering her comfort and safety from the rampant chaos in town.

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