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Mrs. Hale
Mrs. Hale2
Biographical Information



Puritan (allied with witches)





Cause of Death

Head Explosion

Killed By

Anne Hale

Relationship Information
Character Information
Portrayed By

Lara Grice



First Appearance

The Vow

Last Appearance

All Fall Down

Then we will taste each other's ashes.
— Mrs. Hale threatens her husband

Mrs. Hale was a recurring character, wife of John Hale and mother to Anne Hale. She was portrayed by the actress Lara Grice.


Mrs. Hale is apparently a frivolous woman, who pays close attention to appearance and the the neighborhood's opinions. In the course of the series, however, its shows that Mrs. Hale may have a hard wrist with her husband and deeply loves her daughter, so she would be willing to die in order to save her. In spite of being a sympathizer of the witch cause, Mrs. Hale opinions are very much in line with the Puritan thinking about family and the role of women.

Physical Appearance

A woman in her late forties, with reddish hair as her daughter and a stocky build. Dressed entirely in black and in a manner appropriate to puritanical fashion.

Early Life

Almost nothing is known of her early life, except that at some point she married John Hale, a witch, who probably initiated her in the art of Witchcraft or at least made her aware of it.

Throughout the Salem serie

Season One

Mrs. Hale plan on giving her daughter in marriage to a good match and has spotted the Rev. Cotton Mather, who believes quite highly placed to give her daughter a wealthy future.

By evidence of these intentions at the welcome-back dinner for John Alden at Mary Sibley's house. During the same dinner show of apparent frivolity and bigotry about having or not the soul by the Native Americans.

Aware of her husband's plansabout the Grand Rite, she warns her daughter Anne on wanting to know the truth at all costs because things once known can not be forget. In this same period threatens her husband that if Anne runs some mortal danger, she will denounce both to Increase Mather in order to avenge the death of her daughter.

Ironically she is killed by her daughter inside the hideout in Hale's house, after Anne discovered the outcomes that the sacrificial rite will bring to the city.


  • John Hale (husband/allies)
  • Anne Hale (daughter/former allies)



Memorable Quotes

Mrs. Hale: Don't dawdle, child. I want you in the front row where Cotton Mather can't help but be dazzled by your charms.
Anne: For heaven's sake, mother, why not just wrap me in silk and parade me on the auction block?
-- The Vow
John Hale: Your foolish daughter has done something exceedingly dangerous. She put my mask on.
Mrs. Hale: Well, bring her home this instant. But where has she gone?
John Hale: To the woods. I shall find her.
Mrs. Hale: You, man enough to face Indians... And wolves or the Devils you pretend to command?
John Hale: There is no alternative.
Mrs. Hale: Fine one, for I swear by... By whatever it is you hold holy, if our daughter is not asleep in her own bed this very night, my tongue will wag until you are tied to a stake in the middle of the commons.
John Hale: Take care, wife. You shall only implicate yourself.
Mrs. Hale: Then we will taste each other's ashes.
-- The House of Pain


  • As a recurring character, is present in a number almost equal to those of Iddo Goldberg (Isaac Walton), who instead is a main character.
  • Her first name is unknown.
  • Mrs. Hale is the first character seen to actively sympathize with the witch cause in Salem without being one herself, the second being Samuel Wainwright.

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