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Dallas, Texas, USA


September 18th, 1962


Mab, Essex Elder


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Morgana Shaw (born September 18th, 1962) is an American dancer and actress. She portrayed Mab as a recurring character in the first season and portrayed the Essex Elder in third season of Salem.

Career Edit

Beginning her career as a dancer in Dallas, Texas, Morgana moved quickly into acting roles. Her breakthrough performance came in the television movie, "A Promise to Carolyn", playing the younger version of award-winning actress, Shirley Knight. In this television movie, featuring Delta Burke and Swoosie Kurtz, Morgana discovered a willingness to portray the darker side of human nature. "I've never been afraid to look into the places that most people wouldn't", Morgana says. And her characterizations - from Mab on Salem (the madam of the local whorehouse) to her work on "Friday Night Lights", "Mad Money" with Diane Keaton, and countless other roles, she brings a bravery and authenticity to every character.

Morgana's latest project, in 2015, is a one-woman show on the life of the legendary Bette Davis. [1]

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  • Morgana Shaw has shared on her personal Instagram account a picture from one of the latest trailers, tagging herself as the old gray haired witch. Whether she will reprise her role as the witch Mab from the first season or another role is not known.

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