Mercy and Tituba
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Tituba was jealous of the relationship between Mary and Mercy; Tituba didn't trust the recklessness of Mercy; in return, the young witch denounced Tituba to authorities as a witch.



Portrayed By

Ashley Madekwe & Elise Eberle

The complex and antagonistic relationship between the Essex witches Tituba and Mercy Lewis.

Throughout the Salem series

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Memorable Quotes

Tituba (to Mercy Lewis): Met the Dark Man, did you? One of us now, are you? There are plenty of tools in the shed out back: pickaxe, auger, drawknife... and you are somewhere on that list, missy, somewhere between a hammer and a saw. The lady of the house is mine, my lady. Now, you best not forget that.
--in The Red Rose and the Briar


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  • In the historical Salem Witch Trials , Tituba was accused by Betty Parris and Abigail William, respectively son and grandson of Reverend Parris, while the real Mercy Lewis accused Mary Easty, sister of Rebecca Nurse, who would be tried and hanged.Others accused by Lewis includes Giles Corey, Bridget Bishop, Susannah Martin, John Willard, and Sarah Wildes of whom only Giles Corey and Bridget Bishop appeared in the show.

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