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John Alden

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Mary, trust me. I will come back for you. Hey, look... this is all that I have and I swear on my parents grave. This is my vow. This war will not last a year.
— John to Mary in The Vow

John and Mary

Mary and John fell in love before the events of 1685. Later John left Salem to join the nine years war but not before vowing to return for her in a year. Several months later, Mary discovered she was pregnant with his child but believed he was dead so she sacrificed their unborn baby to Satan so that she could enact revenge on the Puritans (The Vow). Seven years later she is shocked with John's arrival and is torn between her love for him and her duty to the witches cause but after he is arrested for witchcraft and later put on trial and sentenced to hang for treason she chooses to save him (Ashes Ashes). They both plan flee Salem together but their plan is hindered by the witches who reveal their child is, in fact, alive forcing Mary to choose between him and their son. She stays in Salem and completes the Grand Rite and is reunited with their son (All Fall Down).


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I, traitor? I, who have endured the worst that sick man could inflict upon my flesh to protect you? I think not. 'Tis you who have betrayed those who nurtured you. You who have turned your back on everything we have planned these long years!
— Tituba to Mary in All Fall Down
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Tituba and Mary

Tituba is Mary's oldest friend, most trusted ally and devoted servant. They were raised together as children when Mary's parents bought the young slave girl when she came to the new world and they quickly developed a close relationship during their childhood (The House Of Pain). After John Alden was sent to join the nine years war and Mary discovered she was pregnant with his child, Tituba was the one that helped her sacrifice her unborn baby in exchange for powers (The Vow). In the following years, she became her one true ally with completing the Grand Rite. Tituba later makes a confession of love that Mary cruelly rejects (Children, Be Afraid) and after she is arrested for witchcraft and tortured by Increase Mather she accuses John of being a witch inciting Mary's hatred. After Mary decides to flee Salem with John, Tituba reveals that the child that she had sacrificed all those years ago is alive, forcing Mary to stay and complete the Grand Rite to save her son and she vows to make her pay (All Fall Down).

George Sibley

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The only thing keeping me alive is the look on your face. When John Alden finds out what you really are and throttles you with his bare hands.
— George to Mary in The Stone Child
Mary and George 078

Mary and George

Mary married the wealthy selectman sometime after she was told that John Alden had died when Magistrate Hale poisoned his late wife. Within two years of their marriage, Mary placed George under her spell while the rest of Salem believed he was suffering from a mystery illness. Mary has shown to hold no affection for her husband and simply married him to acquire the influence she needed to control Salem as well as an act of revenge for sending John away (The Vow). After the arrival of Increase Mather Mary tried to destroy his mind to prevent him from revealing what she was, where it was shown he had once been enamored with his young wife despite her own revulsion of him but her plan failed due to Increase's intervention (Children Be Afraid). Since his bewitchment, he has shown to hold no more affection for his wife and even voted for John Alden to go to trial to spite her (Cat and Mouse).

John Sibley

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My child.... lives!?
— Mary in All Fall Down
Mary all fall down 19

Mary & her son.

During the events of 1685 Mary discovered that she was pregnant with John Alden's baby but believing him to be dead was manipulated by the witches in sacrificing her unborn child becoming a witch herself (The Vow). For seven years Mary believed the child she had lost was dead and often wondered if she had made the right choice especially with the arrival of John Alden (The Stone Child). She later discovered that her child is alive and was forced to choose between fleeing Salem with John or saving her son. They are finally reunited after Mary completes the Grand Rite (All Fall Down). Without being baptized, her son later decide to name himself "John" after his father.(Cry Havoc)

Isaac Walton

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I promise you, though a grim future awaits the people of Salem, I will protect you from any further pain. I swear to you.
— Mary to Isaac in Cat And Mouse
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Mary and Isaac are childhood friends and both are firstborns in the new world. During the events of 1685 Mary witnessed his punishment for fornicating with his lover Abigail Cooke (The Vow) and after she became a witch and married George she took pity on him when no other would. Mary has shown to have a lot of affection for Isaac and went to great lengths to save him from Magistrate Hale (In Vain). But despite this, she has manipulated him on many occasions to benefit her own agenda causing her to vow to protect him from any further harm after he was injured due to her intervention (Cat and Mouse). After she saves John from being hanged, she tries to save Isaac from the Grand Rite by sending him away from Salem but gives him one last task, to place the Malum in the witches tree but unbeknown to her he has been infected by the plague it contains (All Fall Down).

Mercy Lewis

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No! I didn’t wish for my friends to be killed! I promised them that they would be safe because you promised me, but you lied! You lied and now they are all dead! Everything that comes from your lips is a lie!
— Mercy to Mary in All Fall Down
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Mercy & Mary

Not much unknown of their past history other than that it was Mercy's father that had wed Mary to George Sibley so it is presumed Mary knew or knew of Mercy before she placed her under her spell. Mercy was used to accuse those of witchcraft but after she was freed from the familiar within she was no longer under Mary's control so Mary turned the young girl into a Witch to prevent her from revealing what she was (The Red Rose and the Briar). Mercy soon developed a strong attachment to her as Mary took her under her wing, teaching her the craft. When Increase Mather arrived in Salem and became suspicious of Mary, Mercy accused Tituba of witchcraft to protect Mary but was later forced to go into hiding after Tituba revealed Mercy was now a witch herself. Together they tried to kill Increase but their plan failed (Cat And Mouse) and after the deaths of Mercy's friends who had been arrested and tortured by the senior Mather, Mercy vowed vengeance against Mary as she had promised she would protect them (Ashes Ashes).

Dr Wainwright

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I think perhaps, Mrs. Sibley, you are like the Queen Elizabeth of Salem.
— Dr.Wainwright to Mary Sibley
Mary and Samuel on the street

Mary and Dr. Wainwright know shortly after the arrival of man in the city and now seem to get along. She sees him as one of the few allies against misogynist selectmen who would usurp her command over the town. The two flirt shamelessly and also have sexual intercourse.

Rose Browning

Do not stare at him in public. It weakens you.
— Rose to Mary in Lies
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Rose and Mary

Rose was a witch and a close confidant of Mary's. During the events of 1685, she was a servant who worked for the Sibley's and convinced George Sibley he needed to send John Alden away. Later she manipulated Mary into sacrificing her unborn baby and becoming a witch. Though it was shown Rose was loyal to Mary's quest to complete the Grand Rite and Mary often sought her advice, she still plotted against Mary particularly when John returned. Fearing his presence would hinder their plans, she brought the Malum to Salem behind Mary's back so that they could complete the Grand Rite without her (Survivors). After Mary discovered that is was Rose that had sent John away, she had Mercy Lewis kill her (The Red Rose and the Briar). Leaving her in control of the hive.

Cotton Mather

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What luck for Salem that your father was unavailable. We will owe our future to you, Reverend.
— Mary to Cotton in Lies
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Not much is known about their past history but it is presumed they might have known each other before Mary became a witch. Mary summoned Cotton to Salem prior to John's arrival under the pretense of a witches threat. Though it is shown she holds some affection for the reverend it doesn't prevent her from manipulating him to benefit her own agenda (The Vow). When his father arrives in Salem she has Magistrate Hale have Mab falsely accuse his lover Gloriana Embry of being a witch to distract Increase from the truth, resulting in her being banished from Salem (Departures). During the final battle between Mary and Increase Mather, he stabs his own father believing he is saving her from being tortured (All Fall Down).

Increase Mather

He is formidable, the senior Mather, part bully, part bloodhound.
— Mary in Departures
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An old friend of George Sibley's, he is the head of one of the founding families of Salem and a formidable witch hunter. He returns to a Salem because of his son's failure to eradicate the witches. Not much is known about their past history but it is presumed they knew of each other before Mary married George. When Increase returns he sparks real fear in Mary who tries to send her husband away to Boston to prevent him from discovering his friend is under a spell but her plan fails and Increase takes George under his care (Departures). He later becomes suspicious of Mary and falsely arrests John Alden of witchcraft as bait to lure Mary into revealing she is a witch (The House Of Pain). Mary kills him as the final and thirteenth sacrifice to complete the Grand Rite after she saves John (All Fall Down).

John Hale

You see, Magistrate, I've lost everything in this town that I ever cared for. You, however, you have everything left to lose. A sentiment that makes you vulnerable.
— Mary to Magistrate Hale in In Vain
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Magistrate Hale and Mary

Magistrate Hale is Salem’s chief politician and a Witch. Not much is known of their past history except that after the events of 1685 he poisoned the late wife of George Sibley so that Mary could marry the wealthy selectmen (The Red Rose and the Briar). An old world witch, he opposed the Grand Rite particularly as it brought conflict between him and his daughter Anne after the death of her friend Bridget Bishop who was one of the thirteen sacrifices (In Vain). Later a power struggle arose between the pair especially after the Magistrate had insisted on the death of Isaac Walton following him witnessing the Witches Sabbath, forcing Mary to use the life of his daughter to manipulate him. She later discovered that both the Magistrate and Rose had plotted behind her back and once again threatened the lives of his wife and daughter to control him (Our Own Private America).

Countess Von Marburg

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Well, you can put a crown on a sow's head and it doesn't make it a queen. A true queen is not made. She is born in the Earth's womb and destined to rule forever.
— Countess to Mary
Mary facing the Countess

The antagonistic relationship between the two women comes from the fact that the Countess cannot stand that a simple so-called "Contract Witch" has managed to complete the Grand Rite and Mary Sibley does not tolerate anyone undermining her authority as Queen of the Night.

Sebastian Von Marburg

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I myself believe in having cake and eating it.
S02e07 171

After having tasted her flavor from the lips of his mother, Sebastian falls in love with Mary Sibley, starting to act like a jealous lover towards the Queen of Salem, killing even Dr. Wainwright because Mary was in love with the latter. Sebastian's obsession with Mary, however, has a positive side when help women to escape from the clutches of the Countess.

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