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Jonny Coyne
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Jonathan Coyne


"Treasurer Putnam" (unconfirmed)



Jonathan "Jonny" Coyne is an English actor who will be part of the cast during the third season of Salem as a guest.

His role in Salem has yet to be revealed. Sources such as IMDb identify him as "Treasurer Putnam", but there are not yet officially proven evidence of this. [1] Coyle has posted a photo with Marilyn Manson ("Thomas Dinley") and Joe Doyle ("Baron Sebasian Von Marburg") on his Instagram account, behind the scenes of Salem.[2]

Jonny Coyne is best known for playing Warden Edwin James on Fox's short-lived series, Alcatraz (2012). He also appeared as Dr. Lydgate in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Once Upon a Time and currently recurs as George de Mohrenschildt in 11.22.63.

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