Isaac and Dollie
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General Information
Intimacy Level

friendship and mutual sympathy, likely love interest


Ended; Dollie Trask was killed by Mercy Lewis and Countess Von Marburg

First Met

Unknown, probably during the events of The Vow

Portrayed By

Sammi Hanratty and Iddo Goldberg

She had angel eyes. Couldn't see my scars, just my soul and loved it. Angel eyes. Risked her life to save mine.
— Isaac mourning over Dollie's corpse

The relationship between the two Salem outcasts Dollie Trask and Isaac Walton.

Early History Edit

Before the spread of the plague, the two have never had a real contact since Isaac was an outcast and Dollie a young girl from a good family. However, Dollie has always felt pity for the hapless Isaac.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

Season Two Edit

Dollie first visits an ill Isaac in "From Within."

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Trivia Edit

  • The share their first kiss in The Wine Dark Sea
  • Isaac called Dollie "Angel eyes" because she is the only one who has ever seen his soul, paying no attention to the scars and poverty of man.

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