Indian Village
Indian village n
General Information

Native American tribe


Village over the woods on the border of Salem, Massachusetts

The Indian Village is a plain land near a river separate from Salem through thick woods.


The village consists of a cluster of huts made from reeds, branches and straw placed on a plain near a river.

Throughout the Salem series

Season One

After being severely injured in a violent battle against the French troops, John Alden was transported to the village where he was cared for by a shaman. Passing months in their company, John Alden began to fight against the British settlers as well, having discovered the inhuman way in which they slew the peaceful tribes the same way as violent ones. It was during one of these fights that most of the villagers were murdered, and John Alden was convinced to fight on the side of the Indians. (Cat and Mouse)

Season Two

After being wounded by militiamen, John Alden stayed at an Indian village under the protection and care of a wise Shaman, and his daughter Sooleawa. Here John Alden learned of the terrible consequence caused by the completion of the Grand Rite, deciding to undertake the struggle to purge Salem from all the witches. To do this, he underwent a dangerous ceremony celebrated by the shaman along with other members of the tribe. During that ceremony, John Alden was invested with certain special powers conferred by the Great Spirit through an erotic ritual with Sooleawa. (Cry Havoc)

The next day, John Alden left the village to return to Salem. Before leaving, the shaman gave him three instruments of power. (Blood Kiss)



  • Although in some interviews the actors have refered to Native Americans as "Mohicans" actually the widespread tribe in Massachusetts Bay was the Abenaki tribe.
  • In First Season Special, known as "The Real Witchcraft of Salem" Ashley Madekwe mentioned the theory according to Tituba was a slave of Native American origin, belonging to the Abenaki tribe. For more information, see Tituba (Historical).

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