Hell Gate
Hell Gate 309 screencaps
General Information

Infernal gateway


seal the passage between Earth and Hell

Beyond that door lies Hell itself.
— The Sentinel

Hell Gate is a door in The House of the Seven Gables marking a boundary between the world of the living and Hell.


One of the portals to Hell is sealed by a heavy door in one of the hallways of the House of the Seven Gables. The door is richly inlaid and adorned with studs and other symbols, but its most disturbing detail is definitely the bronze swing representing a demon with horns and mouth wide open.

Throughout the Salem seriesEdit

Awakened by disturbing cries of suffering, Cotton Mather left his bedroom and headed for the end of one of the hallways of the House of the Seven Gables, ending in a door. When Cotton, driven by curiosity, approached the eye to the keyhole, he saw himself crucified on the contrary in the middle of a church in flames. The vision was so disturbing that he also had the illusion to cry blood, until he was brought back to reality by the voice of Mary Sibley, startled by his cries of pain. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

The curiosity of Cotton Mather to the door was again awakened when he heard his father's voice asking for help from behind the door. This time it was The Watchman who violently took away the Reverend from the door that he was about to open. Cotton, then, asked explanations about the nature of the doors, and the reason behind the voice of his father to which The Sentinel simply replied that Hell was lying behind the door before walking away together with a frightened Cotton. (The Man Who Was Thursday)

Memorable QuotesEdit

The Sentinel: Stay away from this door!
Cotton Mather: My father is in there!
The Sentinel: Then pray for him.
Cotton Mather: Who lies beyond that door?
The Sentinel: Haven't you guessed?
Cotton Mather: I insist that you tell me now.
The Sentinel: Beyond that door lies Hell itself.
-- in The Man Who Was Thursday



  • Salem's Hell Gate is similar to a wide range of old doors of Renaissance buildings, such as the front gate of the Palazzo Trucchi di Levaldigi, better known as the Devil's Gate, located in Torino (Italy).
  • This is the second portal to Hell to appear in the series. The first was the Hell-blood puddle created in the second season, during the Grand Rite and following Consecration.

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