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destroy the body and soul of human beings

John Alden: Burning black tar? I thought Hell was fire.

Cotton Mather: A common misconception. Hellfire burns like fire but is the consistency of thick black pitch.

Hell blood is a poisonous exhalation rising from Hell during certain circumstances, looking like boiling and thick black pitch.


Hell blood is a supernatural black pitch produced by the evil influence of witches, as well as the primary material of which Hell is made, according to Cotton Mather. This poisonous compound burns on contact with human flesh and the wounds continue to ache even after many years after having contact, as demonstrated by the hands of Increase Mather, horribly corroded by this substance. Hell blood is a by-product of the Witch Pox, formed by the consumption of infected by this terrible disease, also capable of creating a portal to Hell.

Throughout the Salem series


witches dance orgiastically entirely covered of Hellblood

During the Sabbath held by the witches of Salem to consecrate the beginning of the Grand Rite, several witches were intent in an orgiastic dance in a pool full of Hellblood, while the main witches wearing animal heads and body covered with blood were making the ritual sacrificial. When questioned on the subject by John Alden, Reverend Cotton Mather has informed the veteran that what he saw was a preview of Hell, as the eternal flames are a common misconception since Hell consists of thick black pitch. (The Vow)  (The Stone Child)

Cornered by the ravings of his son Cotton, the hunter Increase Mather showed the hands that he always keeps covered by gloves. Horribly disfigured from the burning and corrosive Hellblood, the wounds inflicted thirty years before still burn as if they were still immersed in the infernal pitch, causing him excruciating pain. (Ashes, Ashes)

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Mary Sibley proudly observes the crags

The satanic witches' plan caused the spread of a mysterious plague in Salem, infecting all who are not aligned with the servants of the Devil. Once people are infected, their bodies start to deteriorate and their internal organs dissolve to become hell-blood. Mary Sibley, the queen of the Essex witches, relied on the political role that she got on the selectmen board and on the words of Dr. Wainwright to assure that plague victims were thrown into the crags outside town, using the excuse to avoid contagion to the still healthy citizens. In reality, the witch was plotting the construction of a river of hell blood. (Cry Havoc)  (Blood Kiss )  (From Within) Meanwhile, Dr Wainwright and Cotton Mather began to speculate about the origins of the plague, finding the victim thrown into the crags have become a pool of thick black pitch. (Wages of Sin)

Angry and jealous of the love affair between Mary and Wainwright, Sebastian Von Marburg threw the latter in a pit full of Hellblood, and sentenced him to roam alive into Hell.
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Countess leaves the lake of tar with the corpse of John

With the arrival in the sky of the "Starry Messenger Comet", the witches set out to end the magnus opus, the completion of their dreadful Grand Rite. Led by the most terrible of intentions, Countess Von Marburg took the reins of the ceremony, deceiving and blackmailing the remaining sisters witches to participate at the final stage of the ritual, namely drowning Little John in Hellblood river, so that he became the vessel for the Devil.(Midnight Never Come)


Memorable Quotes

Cotton Mather: You find me fully prepared to burn like a human candle for eternity in a pit of burning black tar with all the other damned.
-- The Stone Child
Mary Sibley (to Tituba): At this very moment, the witch pox decimates our enemies but cannot touch those of witch blood. I will close the curtain around Salem and begin the consecration of the land with hell-blood. The gate will open on time.
-- Cry Havoc
Mary Sibley (to George Sibley): Our plague turns your dead bodies into wells of hell-blood. The crags will be filled when the comet passes over.
-- Blood Kiss


  • When the Hell-blood comes into contact with physical objects, such as wood, it caught fire.
  • Human flesh bears severe burns when comes into contact with this hellish tar, as shown by the hands of Increase Mather, and this wounds will never heal.
  • Since in the second season Hellblood was produced by the Witch Pox infected, it is possible that Hellblood is originated from the liquefaction of human bodies.
  • According to Adam Simon, Dr. Wainwrigh is still alive, trapped in Hell. We do not know the degree of damage that his body has suffered for being immersed alive in a pool of hellblood.
    • Little John did not suffered any damage, except asphyxia, in being immersed in the pool. Same goes for the Countess.

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