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General Information






Heaven is the kingdom of the blessed that is hidden high above the earth and is ruled by the Great Spirit. According to Sooleawa, the Great Spirit is the proprietor of this heavenly realm and this world is a place of ultimate beauty and peace.

Description Edit

While the basis of heaven remain a mystery, contrary to religious belief, heaven is not exclusive to Christians or saints, as John Alden (a freethinker and a murder) was shown entering heaven. Sooleawa and her father was also shown entering heaven, in spite of their disbelief in Abrahamic faiths. Nevertheless, according to Reverend Cotton Mather there are more souls in hell than there are in heaven. Cotton explained to John Alden that every man, woman and child has committed sins, and for these sins, everyone will be judged and punished. However, it remains unknown as to how much of this is true, as many of these statements have been proven false.


  • Heaven is believed to be an extremely beautiful and peaceful world that is populated by benevolent deities and souls.

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