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Hale's Cottage
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The house that belongs to the Hale family, one of the most famous and wealthy families of Salem.


A country farmhouse whose outer walls are of a beautiful bright blue. The house is divided into two floors. In the ground floor there is the living room used to all daily activities, such as receiving guests or attend to other tasks, such as spinning or read the Bible (in the case of the Hales, maybe, a Book of Shadows) and the kitchen. Upstairs there are the bedrooms and the study of John Hale, where there is a secret passage to a Chamber of Blood.

Throughout the Salem Serie





  • The living room contains some of the artifacts acquired by John Hale during his travels, as mentioned by Mr. Hathorne during one of his visits to Anne Hale.
  • Hale's cottage is the first place shown to have a secret witches' hideaway, which is accessed via blood sacrifice.

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