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Friday's Knights
Season 3, Episode 8
Friday's Knights episode guide
Episode Information
Air Date

January 11, 2017


Adam Simon
and Donna Thorland


Nick Copus

Episode Guide
The Man Who Was Thursday
Saturday Mourning

Friday's Knights is the eighth episode of Season Three of Salem, and the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall. It's originally aired on January 11, 2017 on WGN America.

Synopsys Edit

The Sentinel alerts the team that Black Sunday will still go on as promised but he doesn’t have a reason to imprison them. Mary, Sebastian, Cotton, Isaac and Alden meet up to create a plan to kill The Sentinel. Sebastian pretends to be Alden to find out Mary’s true feelings towards him. Mary heads to Tituba’s to find a way to kill Sebastian and find the red mercury. She then begins to become suspicious of Tituba. [1] [2]

Episode Overview Edit

To Be Revealed

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Special Guest StarEdit

Guest Cast Edit


  • Joe Brooks Jr. as The Kid
  • Clint James as Isaac's Man
  • Shelby Lang as Mercy Bird #1
  • Ed Lowry as Poor Man
  • Harlon Miller as Orange Seller
  • Emma Wynn as Dorcas

Deaths Edit

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Quotes Edit

To Be Revealed

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References Edit

  1. Salem season 3 episode 8 trailer
  2. Official synopsis contains an element about Tituba and Mary that isn't present in the episode. Whether the scene was edited out, or affects the next episode.

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