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Timothy Falla as "French Officer"


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The Reckoning

Quel monde voulez-vous que nous détruire prochaine?
— French Officer to Sebastian

French troops are apparently homeless settlers who live by raiding and smuggling. They are in partnership with Indians and with the Dark Lord.


The French colonization of the Americas began in the sixteenth century, and continued in the following centuries with the creation of a colonial empire. France founded colonies in eastern North America, some Caribbean islands, and South America. Except some tribes like the Cherokee and the Mohawks who were allies of the British, the French and the Indians were always quite peaceful relations and profitable for both sides. The British settlers as those who lived in the Massachusetts Bay fought bitterly against the Indians and French, referring to their enemies with terms such as devils and the like. The French are dressed in fairly poor clothes, with a predominance of cotton and wool. The blue color is what appears to be a sign of their citizenship. In fact, the various French soldiers are shown wearing blue livery. Throughout the season they have been in cahoots with Baron Sebastian Von Marburg sent by the Dark Lord, making raids and massacres as mercenaries on their behalf. 

Throughout the Salem seriesEdit

During the seven years of war, John Alden has bitterly fought against the French and Indians adverse to British troops. (Season One) When the Dark Lord began its reign of terror, he sent emissaries including Baron Sebastian to bargain with the French, paying them to let them perform massacres and looting. After burying Mary in the woods, John Alden came across a handful of French and Indians who were killing, raping and robbing a group of travelers, most likely fugitives seeking refuge among the boundaries of Salem. (After the Fall) After having destroyed Deerfield, French officer and his men were approached by Baron Von Marburg, who gave them the Red Mercury jewel telling them to use it to wreak havoc as soon as they would have received the signal, with the aim to raze Salem. (The Reckoning)

Memorable QuotesEdit

John Alden: I'd rather die fighting the French and the Indians than get pissed on by the good souls of Salem.
-- The Vow
Putnam (to John Alden and Billy): A man and a boy against the French army and those demonic natives? Fine. Let it be your death, not ours.
-- The Reckoning
Sebastian Von Marburg: On pourrait détruire tout un monde avec assez de cela.
French Officer: Quel monde voulez-vous que nous détruire prochaine?
Sebastian Von Marburg: Salem, bien sur. Mais pas encore.
-- The Reckoning
Sebastian Von Marburg: The French only await my word to strike here next.
The Devil: The French have done their job. Filled our pot with frightened meat.
-- The Reckoning




  • The French were eager to explore North America but New France remained largely unpopulated. Due to the lack of women, intermarriages between French and Indians were frequent, giving rise to the Métis people. Relations between the French and Indians were usually peaceful. [1]

References Edit

  1. Relationship between the French and Indians during colonization.

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