Featured Articles and Images are a series of context-linked previews on the The Salem Wiki Main Page that suggests prominent articles and characters over a period of time in the series. If an event or character were to be pivotal to the plot, most likely they will appear as a featured article and/or image on the main page.

The list of featured articles and images that have appeared so far on The Salem Wiki is listed below with their related captions for consultation purposes.

Featured Articles

Article Description Date
Mary and John
Mary and John are the series protagonists and the main romantic interest of the show. They fell in love in 1685 before he was sent to join the militia but returns seven years later to find the love of his life married to the very man that sent him off to die in the war. 2015
The Dark Lord
For hundreds of years, The Dark Lord has nurtured the witches' vengeful desire to get rid of their oppressors. Now that he is finally free, will he keep his promises? 2016
S3 Sentinel Believed poster
The Sentinel
At the head of a multitude, and with one goal, The Sentinel oversees the machinations behind a Great Terror to come. Would you dare oppose the Devil's brother? 2017
SALEM THRONEMarySibleypromoS02
Samhain — Head of the Witches' Hive, after beheading the former one, the Samhain is the wickedest witch of the woods, a Queen of the Night casting a dark shadow over the Puritan souls of Salem. October 2017
Salem-Experience 108 Hero-L
Increase Mather
Increase Mather — A skilled and zealous witch-hunter whose methods are feared by guilty and innocent alike, including even the most ancient witches. Mather Senior is greeted with trepidation by the Essex Hive due to his goal to avert the Grand Rite by any means necessary. December 2017
Salem102-1441 Bridget Bishop hanging
Salem Witch Trials
Salem Witch Trials — Freedom of speech, creed and love is prohibited in Salem. The victims of the militia on the Governor's payroll are well aware of this. But what if it were just pulling the wool over citizens' eyes, and the real witches were the puppeteers of the trials? April 2018

Featured Images

Below are the specific promotional stills used as Featured Images on the main page.

Image Description Date
Salem-Promo-Still-S1E06-30-John Alden
John Alden
Best Witch - Mary-season2-poster
Mary Sibley
Mercy Lewis S03 Official Photoshoot
Mercy Lewis — the lost witch
December, 2016
Sentinel-S03-official photoshoot
The Sentinel — A new type of evil
January, 2017
Anne Hale S03 official photoshoot
Anne Hale — the pure witch tainted by dark powers
February, 2017
Salem whole cast - season 3
Season Three — Everything in Salem has gone to Hell!
July, 2017
Salem 301-8
Essex Hive — Lighting the Dark Lord's crooked path to Salem.
October, 2017
Salem-Experience 110 Hero-L
Torture Devices — “A witch, like a wolf, doesn't torture her sacrifice. Only priests and inquisitors do that.” — Mary Sibley
December 2017
The bridle 01
Witch's Bridle — “Though she cannot speak a name, she will show us the witch.” — Cotton Mather
April 2018

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