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Leader of the Widdershins (allegedly)



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Stabbed to death

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Cerulean blue

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Morgana Shaw



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After the Fall

We are all responsible. Together, we turned the witch hunt against the hunters. And we sought justice for all our sisters burned and hanged in the old country.
— Essex Elder to Mary

Essex Elder was one of the ancient witches of the Essex Hive, hidden in the Stronghold. As she acted as the spokeswoman for the Widdershins, it is likely that she was their leader.

Credited only as "Essex Elder", she is a character in the third season of Salem portrayed by actress Morgana Shaw.

Early Life Edit

Her origins are unknown, but she seems to be part of the generation of witches who escaped the persecutions from the Old World and found a safe haven in the New World, where it was possible to enact their revenge.

Personality Edit

Essex Elder, despite being one of the fearful witches who are hidden in the refuge, is a proud and austere woman. She proved to be a connoisseur of the Old Ways, and the consequences that can result when dangerous practices are put in place, first of all raising the dead. This Essex Elder has a vengeful spirit, shown when she wanted to deny access in the Stronghold to Tituba, as in the sacred location there was no place even for the corpse of Mary Sibley; either when she justified the actions of the witches as necessary to avenge their sisters and brothers burned at the stake or hanged by the witch hunters for centuries.

Physical Appearance Edit

Essex Elder is an elderly woman, with a gentle face and a broad forehead, highlighted by silver hair coiffed according to the canons of the XVIII Century, with a hairstyle reminiscent of Marie Antoinette. Unlike the hags of the woods, who were dressed in rags, this Elder is wearing an elegant dress, almost aristocratic, though covered with dust and cobwebs. She also wears a black cape with a wide collar.

Throughout the Salem Series Edit

Season Three Edit

The Essex Elder opposed Tituba when she went into the stronghold with the corpse of Mary Sibley, stating that there was place not even for Mary Sibley's corpse amidst their sacred place, and also was hesitant in practising Necromancy since she was afraid of the repercussions that raising the dead could have caused. Nevertheless, she decided to help Tituba to revive Mary Sibley through the Primordial Tree. (After the Fall)

Once Mary was awakened from the sleep of death, the Essex Elder put the woman aware of the situation, saying that Mary alone, in all Heaven or on Earth, is able to stop the Dark Lord. The witch has also justified the terrible acts committed as a response to the persecution suffered for centuries. (The Heart Is A Devil)

After she had made sure that Mary had survived the "Reckoning," the Essex Elder combined her magic with the other witches to lure Mary inside the Stronghold, offering her protection. But when Mary proved to be angry and eager to destroy the Devil, Essex Elder proved satisfied. Recognising Mary Sibley as the most powerful of them all, she revealed to the former Queen of the Night that they must act quickly because the Tree of Life is dying. Once it will cease to exist, they will die as well. (Night's Black Agents)

Deceived by Tituba about a potential spy within the Hive through a fabricated vision, the Essex Elder used her power, combined with that of the other witches from the hive, to kill the traitor by trapping him in the thick roots of the Primordial Tree. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

Essex Elder made an agreement with Sebastian Von Marburg, sent to the Stronghold by Mary Sibley, so they could carry out their plan to defeat the Devil. Once lured with deception, the Dark Lord in the woods, they used an unknown form of magic to bind the Devil's vessel to the tree branches. She, then, offered her life by stabbing her chest along with other Widdershins, letting Mary Sibley bathe her face with the blood from the pool obtained with the ultimate sacrifice of Essex Hive. By doing so, the Essex Elder reminded the Dark Lord the true meaning of sacrifice. (The Man Who Was Thursday)

Powers and Abilities Edit

An ancient witch, probably the head of the wretched inhabitants of the Stronghold, she has shown to hold a glimmer of her past power. Her powers are closely related to those of the Tree of Life and the control over the earthly element, as she was able to command some roots in order to act as an extension of her arms to do her bidding. All the spells that she has employed thus far have been made in communion with the other witches, suggesting that she's not strong enough to perform a spell on her own, but need a sort of connective magic.

Resorting to secret magic arising from Earth, Essex Elder was able to hinder the Devil's vessel with vines and made a real sacrifice in order to bestow on Mary enough power to defeat the Devil.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Essex Elder (to Tituba): "How dare you bring that traitor into our midst. There is no place in the Essex stronghold for even the corpse of Mary Sibley!"
-- After the Fall
Essex Elder (to Tituba): "You know better than any of us how dangerous it is to breech the wall of silence. Raise the dead and you never know what you raise."
-- After the Fall
Essex Elder: "We are all responsible. Together, we turned the witch hunt against the hunters. And we sought justice for all our sisters burned and hanged in the old country."
-- The Heart Is A Devil
Essex Elder: "You are the only one in Heaven or Earth who can destroy him. You and he were of one body. You knitted his flesh in your womb."
-- The Heart Is A Devil
Essex Elder: "There is no shame in failure, Mary Sibley."
-- Night's Black Agents
Essex Elder (to Mary Sibley): "I couldn't have demanded it if you hadn't the strength, but you do. You are you again the strongest of us all. And not a moment too soon. They are winning. The tree is dying, and with it will die you and us and all our world."
-- Night's Black Agents
Essex Elder: "My child Mary: It is a grave hour I fear. Yet one of ultimate freedom. I am so proud of you."
Mary Sibley: "Would that this day had never come."
Essex Elder: "The course of life is not ours to direct but the primordial right of the Earth. Hers is the only will we carry forth. She is indebted to you, as are we, Mary, for what you will do."
Mary Sibley: "It is I who am grateful."
-- The Man Who Was Thursday
Essex Elder (to the Dark Lord): "Once you were the source of Mary's power. Not anymore. Now t'will be our power coursing through our sister. You've never understood the real meaning of sacrifice. Nor its power. No one may sacrifice another. Only themselves."
-- The Man Who Was Thursday

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  • This is the second character portrayed by Morgana Shaw. The first was Mab in the first season. Because of the difference in physical appearance, but mainly in the personality, it's fair to assume that the two characters are different despite the same actress. If in following episodes we'll discover that the characters are one and the same, the two pages will be merged and adjusted accordingly.

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