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Elemental Control/Water
Countess magically drowning Elliot
General Information

The power to control and manipulate the element of water.

Weep no more unless it is to bring the rain.

One of the possibilities related to elemental control is the supernatural ability to control and manipulate the movement of water using the power of the mind. Witches who master this power are able to control, manipulate and alter the surrounding water or even make really thick clouds of mist, steam or fog by using spells related to Weather Magic.


The element that gives life and that can easily take it, water is the hallmark of the Countess Von Marburg, who has obtained the epithet of Water Witch because of her preference to use that element in her witchcraft. Witches can manipulate the water in many ways. Combined with weather spells they can bring the rain, but they can also manipulate the surrounding water to magically drowned their victims or use it as a vehicle to transport their specter even a mile away.

Notable Examples

  • In Cry Havoc, the wicked witch Countess Von Marburg manipulated water with an unknown spell to choke Mr. Elliot in Marburg's ship magically transferring water from the bathtub in the body of the man, causing him to drown.
  • In The Wine Dark Sea, the Countess used the same trick to drown George Sibley, using the old Puritan's murder as a warning to Mary Sibley to not step in her way.
  • In The Witching Hour, Anne Hale extinguished the fire in the Church by shedding tears after Mary Sibley had mocked the Countess for not being able to conjure the rain herself as she had no tears in her cold heart.


  • In Sci-Fi the psychic ability to manipulate or control water at one's pleasure is often called Hydrokinesis, from υδρο + κίνησης (Greek for: "water movements").
  • In Salem (TV Series), the act of crying is a key requirement for bringing the rain.
    • This has been established as canon in the episode The Witching Hour.
    • In addition, Adam Simon, in one of Writer Wrap, specified that Anne Hale caused the rain when she began to cry, lost and afraid in the woods, in The House of Pain.

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