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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.
Elemental Control/Fire
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General Information

Generate and manipulate fire with magic


One of the powers related to Elemental Control is the ability to manipulate fire with ones mind. It is probably one of the easiest ability to learn but takes a great deal to learn how to control. Although not proven it is probably one of the most common abilities among the witches.

Notable Examples

  • Mary Sibley demonstrated this power several times:
    • In Survivors, she sparked the fire in the mortar where her fellow witch Tituba was grinding the herbs to make potions.
    • in Lies, she created fire in the hearth to cast a spell on Mercy Lewis, hunting her using the Spectre.
    • In The Wine Dark Sea, Mary cast a spell to generate fire on Marburg'ship using two sticks of unknown wood.
  • In Wages of Sin, Tituba has proven to be able to hold hot coals and flames without any harm to the hands. The same was also done by Mary when she extinguished the flames on her dress with her bare hands.
  • The Countess also displayed this ability in Til Death Do Us Part, when she extinguished the flames on her rotting remains with her bare hands.


To create fire:

Tap two wooden sticks against the other as the rhyme below is spoken. Sparks will fly and catch fire.

  • Incantation: "Like brass to fire, like stick to flame, heed my words, know my name. Faster than light, dark corners seek, lick to flame, my vengeance wreak."
  • Used by: Mary Sibley



  • Fire is one of four elements that witches are able to manipulate via magic: the others are the air (aerokinesis), the land (geokinesis) and water (hydrokinesis).

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