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Elemental Control/Earth
Anne destroying a plant
General Information

Control nature


One of the powers related to Elemental Control is the ability to control the earth and nature using ones mind. It can be used to control the earth in many different forms such as plantlife, rock sediment and nature in general. It does not require the witch to be present were it is being used. It also seems to doesn't require an incantation.


Geokinesis is a broad term to describe the ability to control nature when in reality it can be categorised into multiple sub-powers.

  • Terrakinesis - the ability to control with the power of thought the soil and rocks, causing erosion, earthquakes and landslides.
  • Chlorokinesis - The ability to control plant-life and nature or to manifest it. As shown by Mary Sibley, witches can cause plants to grow, move or even rise from the soil and "walk", snaking down with the roots and branches as if they were animated tentacles.

Notable Uses

  • Mary Sibley used it to control the roots of a tree roots to grab Increase Mather by the legs. (Cat And Mouse). She also manifested vine coming out of her wine glass while casting the spell, proving she could both manifest and control it.
  • Anne Hale has proven to be able to perform chlorokinesis destroying in a few seconds a plant, pulverizing it simply holding it in the palm of her hand (Wages of Sin).
  • John has caused an earthquake in the throes of a fit of rage (Midnight Never Come)


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