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General Information

The Earth and all the things that live on it share a single invisible form within. Like the bones within a man. But this is not bone, it is alive. Like a great, invisible Snake coiled, sleeping inside the Earth. They seek to wake Him. They think they can control it but it will destroy them, and when they are through, this will not be the place we knew. It will be Hell.
Shaman about Nature

The Earth is but one of the ecosystems of the countless dimensions existing in the Universe.


Earth is one of the places created by God to host his most beloved creation, human beings after Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. How the Earth actually came into existence is quite unknown, except that Angels contributed to shaping its "geometries," and throughout history, every religion has tried to give explanations for its existence. According to Native Americans teachings, the Earth is an interconnected ecosystem of elemental spirits that can be favourable or harmful to humans; The Dark Lord is believed to be a deadly creature, sleeping underneath the earth. In addition, all the things living on Earth share an invisible form within. On the other hand, the Puritans taught to fear the wilderness, considering it a deceptive work of Satan to push into sin even the most pious of men. Earth, sometimes referred to as Nature, is constantly mentioned by witches since one of their main goals is to cleanse the Earth from the hypocritical scourge of Puritans. Nature is also honoured by both Native Americans and Essex Hive who believe that the Earth is the physical manifestation of the divine. The ancient members of the Essex Hive known as Widdershins, hidden inside the deepest of the woods, have a history of Nature-centered beliefs before entering a covenant with the Devil in order to acquire further powers to defend themselves against their oppressors.

The Woods

Do not fear the woods.
Tituba to her mistress, Mary Sibley

The Woods is the primary place where Nature shows itself to the eyes of men. Since the Pagans practised their rituals in close contact with nature, the Christians, and especially the Puritans, demonised forests, streams and meadows, turning them into the Devil's dangerous lair and the home of his followers, the fearsome witches. It is no coincidence, then, that the woods are the hiding place of the old hags, as well as the meeting point for the celebration of the Witches' Sabbath.

The woods, however, are the home and the temple of the Native American population, who worship the Great Spirit, a deity who shows to its followers in many different forms of Nature. The Essex Stronghold is located in the deepest of the Salem woods.

Throughout the Salem Series



John Alden: "Cotton! What in the hell?"
Cotton Mather: "Oh, not Hell, Johnny, nor Heaven. Just Earth! Glorious, glorious Earth."
Magistrate Hale: "I fear the Reverend has gone mad."
John Alden: "Cotton, get your drunk ass down here."
Cotton Mather: "No, sir, I will not. I can see far more clearly from here. In fact, I can see everything. God himself walks among these woods, trailing clouds of animal glory."
John Alden: "What happened to you?"
Cotton Mather: "I took my boots off."
John Alden: "Yeah, so?"
Cotton Mather: "So, I felt the earth! I felt the raw, sacred earth beneath my naked feet. I felt the earth breathe."
John Alden: "Go home. If your great insight is real, it will be just as real in your chambers and a whole lot safer."
Cotton Mather: "The forest air and this sturdy tree are my teachers now."
Magistrate Hale: "We haven't time for this."
Cotton Mather: "I still have much to learn!"
-- The House of Pain
Mary Sibley: "Those are deep woods, Sir. Even locals fear to trek there."
Dr, Wainwright: "Ah. Terra incognita. Well, I live for unexplored territory. And in my experience, often the most fearsome landscapes are hiding the most succulent gardens."
-- Cry Havoc
Essex Elder (to Mary Sibley): "The course of life is not ours to direct but the primordial right of the Earth. Hers is the only will we carry forth. She is indebted to you, as are we, Mary, for what you will do."
-- The Man Who Was Thursday



  • Witches are able to control the natural elements and change the surrounding environment with their magic.
  • The Kanaima is believed by witches to be the embodiment of Nature and is both a benevolent and malevolent Deity. According to the Shaman, however, He is nothing but a deceitful serpent lying underground waiting to destroy the world, bringing Hell on Earth.
  • Puritans are taught to fear the woods and animals because they are nothing but evil temptations created by the devil.

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