Dorcas & Isaac in Night's Black Agents
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The Witching Hour

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Black Sunday

Dorcas is a young girl that Isaac Walton saved from the clutches of the witch Mercy Lewis. Dorcas is a character in the third season of Salem portrayed by actress Emma Claire Wynn.

Early Life Edit

Victim of persecution, Dorcas was imprisoned along with her mother with the accusation of witchcraft. In the cell, unfortunately, her mother fell ill and Dorcas could not help her mother because she was chained to a wall.

Personality Edit

Dorcas is a very wise girl, showing a maturity far too peculiar for her age.

Physical Appearance Edit

Dorcas is a thin, fair-skinned girl with long blond hair, blue eyes and a delicate face with a sprinkling of freckles on the bridge of the nose and cheeks. She wears old and worn clothes in shades of brown and gray, and a matching bonnet.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

Dorcas had been abducted by Mercy Lewis with the intention of being killed and being deprived of blood required to flourish the wounds of the witch, but the little girl was rescued by Isaac Walton, who was eager to take revenge on Mercy because of the death of Dollie caused by the witch. (The Witching Hour) Following the rescue, the little girl began to follow Isaac wherever he went, as if she were his shadow. Despite even sharp demands from the man to be left in peace, Dorcas continued to follow him to the point of sleeping in his home. (After the Fall) With the overnight blast that turned red blood the sky, Dorcas, frightened, stayed in the barn used as a shelter, while Isaac went to check what had happened. After a scuffle with some of Mercy's servants, Isaac returned to the barn completely angry and depressed, unable to reason. He even began to throw to air the bed and the few pieces of furniture that Dorcas had lovingly arranged. With compassion and kindness, Dorcas reminded the man that he had saved her life and that the F branded on his forehead means "fearless". (The Reckoning) As a thank, Isaac gave the girl a shawl to cover herself and she said that her mother had one. Hearing her mentioning her mother, Isaac asked Dorcas about her past and the little girl revealed that both were accused of witchcraft and imprisoned, imprisonment which caused the death of the woman leaving Dorcas an orphan. (Night's Black Agents)

Memorable QuotesEdit

Isaac Walton: What are you still doing here? I don't need charity!
Dorcas: You saved my life. Was that charity?
Isaac Walton: I just wanted to stop anyone else from getting hurt.
Dorcas: I know. You will.
Isaac Walton: Will I? You think anyone wants help from "Isaac the Fornicator?"
Dorcas: "F." For Fearless.
-- The Reckoning
Dorcas: I cannot lose you!
Isaac Walton: You won't. You can't. You found me. When I was lost and had no way to find my way back. Trust that whatever happens, I will always be with you.
Dorcas: But my heart will break if you die.
'Isaac Walton: Listen to me. You are a young girl, but you got the strongest heart I ever seen. I didn't save you, Dorcas. You saved me. Even here, now. This is you saving me.
-- Saturday Mourning

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Trivia Edit

  • Dorothy Good (historically referred to as Dorcas Good; ca. 1687/1688 – ?) was the daughter of William Good and Sarah (née Solart) Good. Both Dorothy and her mother were accused of practicing witchcraft in Salem at the very beginning of the Salem witch trials in 1692. Only four years old at the time, she was interrogated by the local magistrates, confessed to being a witch and purportedly claimed she had seen her mother consorting with the devil. Mary Walcott and Ann Putnam Jr. claimed the child was deranged and repeatedly bit them as if she were an animal. [1]

References Edit

  1. The historical figure of Dorcas during the Salem witch trials

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