Salem Dollhouse
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magically manipulate what happens in the real mansion through the toys inside the dollhouse.

When Black Sunday comes, all outside this house will perish, and all those fortunate souls inside the Sibley mansion will live to see the new era.
— The Dark Lord

The dollhouse is a replica of the House of the Seven Gables owned by the Devil, used to accomplish magical deeds. [1]

Description Edit

The dollhouse is a scale replica of the House of Seven Gables, rebuilt in every detail as the exterior as the interior, including the various rooms and furnishings. This artifact is enchanted to provide magical protection against the terrible events unleashed by the Great Terror that will fall on Salem, and then spread everywhere. The magical protection is obtained by means of dolls representing certain individuals, including Mary Sibley and the Devil himself. All the representative dolls that will be inside the dollhouse, shall protect their corresponding living being. Since it is a magical replica, it can be used to magically spy on what happens in every single room of the real mansion.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

On the threshold of the completion of the Inauguration and in proximity of the arrival of the Black Sunday, the Dark Lord summoned his inner circle formed by his betrothed Mary Sibley, his brother and right-hand man The Sentinel, the scribe Cotton Mather and the knight Sebastian Von Marburg in order to make them aware of the following days plans. Since the Great Terror is on the verge of being released upon the world, all those who will have a representative doll inside the dollhouse will be protected from the malefic effects of the Apocalypse. As proof of his love for Mary Sibley, he immediately placed in one of the rooms of the plaything a doll with the features of Mary. Later, the Dark Lord has used the dollhouse to control the actions of the inhabitants of the real mansion, giving to understand one of the ways in which he was always aware of the actions of his subordinates. (Wednesday's Child)

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Trivia Edit

  • It has been speculated on how this dollhouse can be a magical replica of The House of the Seven Gables, allowing the Devil to act with imitative magic on a larger scale, using puppets and dolls inside the dollhouse to accomplish malefic spells.
  • Toys were rare, as they were either expensive or took a lot of time and effort to craft. Parents with extra money could import dolls and tea sets from England, while parents with extra time and a knock for craftsmanship could build a dollhouse. However,most parents in the colonies could not afford to buy them or take the time to make them. [2]

References Edit

  1. Brannon Braga introduce the "Dollhouse of the Devil" on his Twitter account

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