Countess and Anne
Salem0202-1746 countess and anne
General Information
Intimacy Level

tormentor and victim, allied by circumstance, mother and daughter at the biological level but lack of affection or complicity


suppressed by Countess momentary death

First Met

Blood Kiss

Portrayed By

Tamzin Merchant & Lucy Lawless

I already killed one mother. Who's to say I won't kill another one?
— Anne to her biological mother

The complicated relationship between witches Anne Hale and her biological mother Countess Von Marburg.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

Countess Von Marburg: I told you when first we met you are no mere Essex witch, any more than your father was.
Anne Hale: My father...
Countess Von Marburg: Was a particular favorite of mine. I sent him away in a dark moment across the sea to find a safe place. You see, I charged him with the greatest of tasks, the greatest of privileges, to father and protect what's most precious to me in all the world... my daughter.
Anne Hale: I already killed one mother. Who's to say I won't kill another one?
Countess Von Marburg: You knew?
Anne Hale: My father hinted as much in his book of shadows. But it changes nothing. You, of all mothers... have no claim on my affection.
---Midnight Never Come

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Salem- 202 "Blood Kiss" Anne and Countess Marburg01:38

Salem- 202 "Blood Kiss" Anne and Countess Marburg

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