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Cotton and Gloriana's Unborn Child
Anne pregnant
Biographical Information

Hope Mather


Salem, Massachusetts



Relationship Information

Gloriana Embry (mother)
Cotton Mather (father)
Anne Hale (surrogate mother)
Increase Mather (paternal grandfather)

Character Information


First Appearance

The Commonwealth of Hell
(in its mother's womb)

Cotton and Gloriana's Unborn Child, stolen with Witchcraft from its mother's womb by Anne Hale, who is determined to continue the pregnancy in the place of Gloriana Embry, pretending that the child is the result of her marriage with Cotton Mather.

Early Life Edit

During the romantic relationship between Cotton and Gloriana blossomed following the arrival of the Reverend in town, a child was conceived. Unfortunately, Gloriana was banned from Salem by Increase Mather with charges of unethical conduct before the two lovers could discover that they were expecting a baby.

Throughout the Salem Series Edit

After a night of passion, Anne reveals to her husband the feeling of being pregnant, news met with a lukewarm enthusiasm on the part of Cotton. While shopping at the town market, Anne expresses the intention to help the refugees and the poor, hoping for a future despite the plans of the Dark Lord. When Cotton welcomes the thoughtlessness of his wife, he said that Anne's parents should have named her Hope instead of Anne. The young woman replied that perhaps they could name Hope their future girl child. (The Reckoning)

While Anne is offering its herbal remedies for refugees, a woman draws her attention to help a pregnant woman. When Anne approaches to lend aid, though, she also discovers a burning truth. The woman is Gloriana, former lover of her husband, who is carrying Cotton's child. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

Conducted the suffering expectant mother in her home, Anne Hale encloses Gloriana in a room, hiding the entrance with magic. After having prepared a concoction, Anne leads a ritual to steal the child, transferring the fetus in her womb. Gloriana, suffering from fever, has a terrible vision of Cottone and Anne gets away with the baby. Woke with a start, she realizes she has been deceived. Anne Hale, contemptuously, reveals to the poor woman to have in mind a better future for the unborn child. (Wednesday's Child)

Memorable Quotes Edit

Anne Hale: "Tonight was everything I dreamt our first time would be. You were so tender and so fierce. Cotton I feel like I already have our future growing inside me. It's too soon to tell, but I hope..."
Cotton Mather: "Faith, hope, and charity. And the greatest of these is hope."
-- The Reckoning
Anne Hale: "We must find a way to help these poor refugees."
Cotton Mather: "Why? They will all die anyway in your master's infernal plan."
Anne Hale: "We are not yet certain what will happen. I still hope..."
Cotton Mather: "Again, hope. You are so filled with it. They should have named you Hope instead of Anne."
Anne Hale: "Perhaps if we have a girl child, then we will."
-- The Reckoning
Refugee woman: "Please! There's one with child. Will you have a look?"
Anne Hale: "With child? How many weeks? Where is she?"
Refugee woman: "She walked the entire distance from Boston, or so be her claim."
Anne Hale: "From Boston? For God's sake, why?"
Refugee woman: "To find the baby's father."
Gloriana: "Please help my baby!"
Anne Hale: "I feel a strong heartbeat. Your baby's fine. It's you that needs proper care. What's your name?"
Gloriana: "Gloriana. I need to find him. If you find him, I know he can help."
Anne Hale: "Find who? The baby's father? I can help you find him if you tell me his name."
Gloriana': (Breathing heavily) "Cotton Mather."
-- The Commonwealth of Hell
Gloriana "What have you done to my baby?!"
Anne Hale: "I have done exactly what I promised I would do. I have ensured your child a healthy, happy life, one it could never have enjoyed as the bastard child of a whore. But one that it is sure to enjoy as the beloved child of Cotton Mather and his wife, Anne Hale."
-- Wednesday's Child

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Trivia Edit

  • The premises of a miraculous child who would bring light amidst the darkness fomented by Dark Lord took a decidedly different turn when in Wednesday's Child Anne Hale stole the baby from Gloriana's womb.
  • Just like John Sibley, either this baby does not seem destined for a happy childhood. [1]
  • Anne Hale is willing to call the baby "Hope" if it were a girl, as one of the three theological virtues of the Christian faith.
  • Anne Hale reveals in Black Sunday her plan to use the child as the next vessel for the Dark Lord, hinting she will start the Grand Rite again.
  • "Hope" is also the name of a werewolf-vampire witch hybrid child who is the daughter of the Original Hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson on The Originals TV series. Coincidentally, both of them were predicted to be the bringers of Apocalypse by the witches in both shows.

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