Clock of the Doom
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General Information

Bewitched device


Mary Sibley


to adjust the movements of the stars to mark the phases of the Grand Rite

This town is but the living form of my orrery, and both run like clockwork. No man can stop the hours ringing in the changes.
— Mary to Tituba

The Clock of the Doom is an orrey, an artefact reproducing the positions and movements of heavenly bodies. It's used by witches to predict stars' movements and mark the phases of the Grand Rite.


A tool that mimics the planets, especially the moon phases and the Earth's motions. This orrey is an intricate system of planets reproduced in scale, including a spherical blood-filled vial that, enchanted adequately reproduces the boiling Hell-blood obtained from corpses infected with Witch Pox.

In addition, it duplicates the movements of a particular comet, known as Starry Messenger Comet, needed to complete the dreadful Ritum Magni.

Throughout the Salem Series

To Be Added

Spells and Rituals

To Activate The Clock of the Doom:

Shed own blood on one of the globes of the instrument, while chanting:

  • Incantation: "Witch blood fall, black earth rise. Hear my call, make me wise. Time foretell for me alone when all mankind, its sins atone".
  • Used by: Mary Sibley



  • In the first season, a very similar astrolabe was seen in Cotton Mather's study. The Reverend has used the orrey to calculate the global motion of Saturn.
    • There is the possibility that it is the same prop.
  • This device has analogies with "The Instrument," an angelic device to mark the time preceding Black Sunday and, as a result, triggering the Great Terror, or Hell on Earth.

Historical Facts

  • Humanity has always looked to the sky dreamily, creating exquisite mythologies using precisely these mythologies and stories to explain the nature of daily events, by giving names of gods and heroes to the constellations still in use today. Wise people have always been associated with the movement of planets and stars; witches and cunning folks but also the educated court magicians and alchemists resorted to celestial motions for their purposes. In ancient times up to the age of Enlightenment was widely recognised by medical science that the planets would influence not only the behaviour of human beings but also their illnesses.
  • The celestial motions were also believed harbingers of doom and bearers of wars. When science became interested in the motion of the planets in a more empirical way, belief in astrology was relegated to the superstitions and kept alive in esoteric circles until nowadays, where the horoscope is a mere game or curiosity print in a magazine, derided by all but read by all.

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