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cover the body of the affected to this disease with pustules and sores

Ah, 'tis true Venus' curse is as harsh as her glove is soft.
— Dinley's mocking description

Canker blossom is a seemingly venereal disease that occurs on a hapless infected with festering sores and wounds similar to those of a plague.

Description Edit

Canker blossom is a venereal disease that brutally manifested its presence on the body of the afflicted. The external symptoms of this disease are vaguely reminiscent of those of the Witch Pox, although this disease does not provide in any way infected to become empty shells full of hell-blood. This disease, exactly like the Witch Pox, can be spread by means of witchcraft. The wounds exude an unpleasant smell and cause itch. As the disease spreads, the afflicted will begin to feel cold and vomit foamy drool until the internal organs are completely gangrenous, such as the tongue that shrivels and turns black. A canker caused by witchcraft is incurable and the symptoms occur more aggressively.

Antidote Edit

An antidote to alleviate the symptoms can be brewed by a witch, although the effect is only temporary, and it must be administered regularly otherwise the canker will return to plague the body of the afflicted. The antidote is in liquid form and should be administered orally before the tongue shrivels altogether. Once the antidote is taken, the pustules disappear within few seconds. Consume the entire content of the vial with the antidote would seem to completely undo the effect of the poison.

Throughout the Salem Series Edit

Season Three Edit

Aiming to blackmail the new mistress of the brothel and extort large part of the profits earned by the prostitutes, Magistrate Hathorne visits Mercy Lewis and the two have an interesting exchange of views that ends with a toast offered by the new Madame of the brothel, now known as the Bird's Nest. What Hathorne ignores is that his glass was poisoned and the next day his body starts to become covered with sores and pustules. Even when Knocker's Hole surgeon, Thomas Dinley, is unable to find an effective cure for the remarkably advanced state of the disease, Hathorne understands that has been infected by Mercy Lewis and returns to the brothel, where she hands him the antidote in return for his submission. (The Heart Is A Devil)

Memorable Quotes Edit

Thomas Dinley: "Ah, 'tis true Venus' curse is as harsh as her glove is soft."
Magistrate Hathorne: ""Dinley, you bloviating blowhard, shut up and tell me what it is!"
Thomas Dinley: "I've seen a lot of canker blossoms since the brothel opened, but not like this!"
-- The Heart Is A Devil
Thomas Dinley: "We’re gonna need something to relieve the itch and something to lesson the stench."
-- The Heart Is A Devil

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Trivia Edit

  • It owes its name to "the grub that destroys the blossom [of love]," and it's an idiomatic expression created by William Shakespeare, found in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" III.ii.282. [1]
  • The antidote to this disease is a light green translucent liquid.

References Edit

  1. Shakespeare's - Glossary

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