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Anne Hale's Vow
S02E04 Anne signing her grimoire
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Anne Hale


solemn promise

"I will do no harm."
— Anne Hale's vow

Anne Hale has vowed never to use her power to do harm.

Description Edit

Three innocent people are dead because of me, including my own mother and father, so this is my promise to you, book, and to you, little Brown Jenkins, and to myself I will master this power inside me, but I will use it for the common good.
— Anne's entry in her book of shadows

The promise made by Anne to herself, her own book of shadows and her familiar mouse Brown Jenkins to never use magic to hurt anyone. This promise made at the beginning of her journey in the Dark Arts immediately took an bad turn when Anne Hale was visited by the Devil who came to collect on the powers inherited by the young witch. Anne was also corrupted by malice, performing rituals and spells for personal gain or committing immoral and evil magical actions.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

Following the bloody events triggered by her powers, Anne Hale decided to use her powers only for the common good and never do harm. This promise, however, was not maintained in full because the young witch has later used magic to kill some militiamen and to magically subdue her husband Cotton Mather using her familiar Brown Jenkins.

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