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Angelic Box of Anguish
Anguish Box 04
General Information

Angelic torture device


The Sentinel


to cause excruciating torments to mind and soul of its victims.

I retain all the keys to all the locks on all the doors so I may make a dungeon in a grain of sand large enough to contain your soul.
— The Sentinel

The Angelic Box of Anguish is a torture device masterfully crafted by The Sentinel to cause excruciating torments to mind and soul of his victims.


A dark cube of about thirty centimetres whose faces are inscribed with golden cabalistic symbols that are very reminiscent of the Enochian writings, and other esoteric symbols such as the various seals of the Clavicula Salomonis, a medieval demonic grimoire. One of the cube faces is slidable so that the box can be placed on the head of the victim as a cage, and then close around the neck like a pillory trapping the head inside the box, where the mind of the victim is destined to undergo anxieties of all sorts.

Throughout the Salem seriesEdit

Season ThreeEdit

When the Sentinel received the permission to torture Mary Sibley after the latter had attempted to stab the Dark Lord in the bathtub, the Fallen Angel dragged the witch into one of the rooms of the House of the Seven Gables and put the angelic box on Mary's head. Once trapped, Mary's mind was projected inside the box, as if she were entirely in a dungeon. Once imprisoned, Mary was afraid of going mad, screaming and insulting the Sentinel, and even tried to use her power to free herself through a spell after having conjured flames in her hand. Mary's cries prompted Sebastian Von Marburg's attention, who immediately ran to help her, but the Baron had to submit to the Sentinel's command, apologising for having tried to interfere with his plans. While she was still imprisoned, Mary was terrified by her own Specter, but the witch was able to banish the dreadful creature with a simple gesture of her hand. After an unspecified period of time that seemed endless, Mary found herself in the woods of Salem, at the presence of Dark Lord, Sentinel and Anne Hale, where she was forced to endure "The Reckoning," a devastating and painful ritual used by the Devil to nullify the contract with Mary at the time of her Initiation, taking away all of the powers he bestowed upon her. (The Reckoning)

Memorable QuotesEdit

Mary: "I expected some dark, damp, mildewing dungeon."
The Sentinel: "No need. I built this place. Not this house, but the world. Helped forge its geometries. And I retain all the keys to all the locks on all the doors so I may make a dungeon in a grain of sand large enough to contain your soul."
--The Reckoning

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  • The manufacture of this nefarious box is reminiscent of the box that contained the Malum.
  • The unofficial name of this artefact is a reference to the "Pear of Anguish," a torture device used by Increase Mather on Mercy Lewis' acolytes; Later showed to the congregation by Cotton Mather to discredit his father's methods during John Alden's trial.
  • The symbols that are visible in the interior of the box are planetary seals found in many grimoires of Western Ceremonial Magic, including some demonic seals, such as Astaroth's seal devoid of the five-pointed star. One of the facades of the cube is inscribed with a reproduction reminiscent of the famous "Sigillum Dei Aemaeth", the symbol par excellence of Enochian magic.
  • Adam Simon has revealed that the so-called "Angelic Box of Anguish" (that he simply referred to as "the box"), is based on real specific designs. Despite Adam Simon has denied any knowledge of Lemarchand's Box, the two artefacts exhibit some similarities. Within Hellraiser universe created by Clive Barker, a Lemarchand's box is a mystical/mechanical device that acts as a door — or a key to a door — to another dimension or plane of existence. [1]

References Edit

  1. Adam Simon about the box on Twitter

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