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Angel Dagger
Alden forging Angel dagger
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John Alden (Formerly)
Anne Hale (Currently)


mortally wound an angel host

Angel dagger adequately forged to mortally wound an angel host.

Description Edit

Should a witch, or a champion of their choice, be confronted with the need to destroy the human form taken by a Fallen Angel, a dagger must be forged by the hands of the one who wield the blade. While the metal is still ductile, a potion will have to be melted into a whole with iron, therefore conferring the mystical properties to the dagger. This weapon will be able to mortally wound the host, otherwise magically healed from wounds inflicted by conventional weapons.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

Tituba with angel dagger potion

Tituba handing the vial with the potion to John Alden.

Finding herself in the position of having to eliminate The Sentinel at the request of the Dark Lord, Tituba put John Alden aware of the existence of the dagger capable of killing even a fallen angel. The witch also provided the man the right mix of powders and herbs to be melted into ductile metal. (Wednesday's Child)

Returned to Knocker's Hole, with the intention of completing his mission, John Alden offered money to a blacksmith in order to use his forge. Not entirely convinced by his deeds, the blacksmith reported John's behavior to Isaac Walton's men, but the latter vouched for his friend allowing him to use the forge. Shirtless and alone, John Alden proceeded to beat the hot metal to obtain a piece of ideal size to forge a dagger, adding the potion when the metal was still glowing, producing a sinister fumigation. (The Man Who Was Thursday)

Gathered in a barn to decide what to do to stop the coming of Satanic Easter, Mary Sibley, Isaac Walton and Cotton Mather were barely able to prevent Alden stabbed Sebastian Von Marburg in the chest with the Angel Dagger. When Mary discovered the origin of the dagger, she doubted the alliance of Tituba, referring to her doubts to Cotton. Overnight, John Alden, helped by Cotton Mather, caught The Sentinel in a trap, and he was able to stab the fallen angel several times before piercing his heart with the blade, destroying his mortal body, and transforming it into a swarm of insects that vanished into thin air. (Friday's Knights)

In the midst of the Great Terror, John Alden bartered the dagger with Anne Hale, in exchange for the life of Mary and of his own. Anne Hale, determined to become the true Queen of the Night, stabbed the recently became adult Dark Lord, with the promise to raise him again, and to a greater glory. (Black Sunday)

Memorable QuotesEdit

Tituba: Everything you need to kill an Angel.
John Alden: How the hell am I supposed to kill him with this poison?
Tituba: You must forge a dagger with that in it and kill him with the dagger.
-- in Wednesday's Child
John Alden: I can take out the Sentinel. Tituba gave me instructions. [...] Following her instructions I've forged a dagger that can kill a fallen angel.
Sebastian Von Marburg: Good work, blacksmith. Why not hand it over to a swordsman?
John Alden: What I need is help making sure he is someplace I can drag him into a dark alley and get the job done.
-- in Friday's Knights



  • The conjectural name of this weapon was assigned as a nod to another weapon mentioned on the show, a Witch Dagger (weapon capable of mortally wounding a witch).
  • Anne Hale is the only person referring to this weapon as "Angel-Killing Knife" in the finale episode of season 3, Black Sunday. This could possibly be a reference to the weapon with the same name and usage in The CW television series Supernatural, although such expression is quite generic and indicative of the functions of that weapon, therefore, the theory of an allusion is rather weak.
  • The manner in which this weapon is crafted and used (metal sprinkled with ashes) vaguely resembles the weapon capable of neutralizing Original Vampires in The CW television series The Vampire Diaries, and its spin-off The Originals.

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