Angel's Tears
Red Mercury globe
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Supernatural artefact


The Sentinel (formerly)


cause unimaginable devastation

Your alchemists call it Red Mercury. We call it Angel's Tears, for the pain it causes us to make it and the remorse we felt when we had to use it.
— The Sentinel to Baron Sebastian

Angel's Tears, also known as "Red Mercury" among alchemists, is a bright scarlet gemstone-like globe contained in a hexagonal locket.

Description Edit

Red Mercury is a supernatural artefact owned by The Sentinel, made from the rare tears shed by the Angels during their Biblical missions. Its full potential, as well as the composition that leads to its unique scarlet colour, are unknown. According to the Sentinel, this rare and precious element is also known as "Red Mercury," indicating that perhaps there are similarities between the physical qualities of mercury and that of this portentous liquid. Red Mercury is an essential component to cause huge devastation through supernatural means; This dark artefact is destroyed through an Instrument that works as a kind of time bomb, akin to the Clock of the Doom.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

Season ThreeEdit

Angel's Tears 07

The Sentinel giving Red Mercury to Sebastian

The Sentinel commissioned Sebastian Von Marburg to deliver a pendant containing Red Mercury to the captain of the French troops, so that the artefact could have been used to blow up Salem, just as they already did with Deerfield. (The Reckoning) When John Alden, massacred the French in their camp in order to save Billy, he was informed in time by the French captain to avoid trying to break open the locket. (Night's Black Agents)

After making sure to put Dark Lord and Sentinel against each other, and you've got the loyalty of Sebastian, Mary Sibley managed to steal the pendant with Red Mercury, then showing it to Cotton Mather as proof of her will to put an an end to the Great Terror. (The Man Who Was Thursday)

Alden red mercury

Alden trying to prevent the explosion of Red Mercury

Unfortunately for them, the Sentinel activated the Instrument, depositing inside it a portion of Red Mercury, then entrusting the dark object to Thomas Dinley to keep it safe in his shop. (Friday's Knights)

Were of no avail the attempts of John Alden to stop the ticking of the Instrument, until the sacrifice of Cotton Mather put an end to it. (Black Sunday)

Memorable Quotes Edit

The Sentinel: "Take a look. Know what it is?"
Sebastian: "I know what it can do."
The Sentinel: "Your alchemists call it Red Mercury. We call it Angel's Tears, for the pain it causes us to make it and the remorse we felt when we had to use it. When we were sent to slaughter the Canaanites, we wept. When we delivered the plagues, we wept. But beware for Samael! That boy, when he killed every firstborn of every mother in Egypt, his eyes were as dry as the desert."
--The Reckoning

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  • Cinnabar (mercury sulphide) is the primary ore of mercury. The word cinnabar comes from the Persian word for 'dragon's blood'. The mineral is a beautiful scarlet-red, semi-precious. Early metal workers and alchemists considered the affinity between mercury and sulphur in cinnabar a fundamental and magical principle. [1]

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