Previously on Salem

Mary Sibley: [voiceover] Previously on Salem

John Alden: I won't go.

Mary Sibley: But a trial will end with you in the gallows.

Cotton Mather: John Alden is my friend, perhaps my only one.

Increase Mather: And you would allow friendship to stand in the way of your own elevation?

Cotton Mather: He is innocent.

Isaac Walton: You do want John Alden to live.

Magistrate Hale: The power of that mask can only be accessed by those of one kind.

Anne Hale: Are you saying that I am...

Magistrate Hale: A witch.

Dollie Trask: You swore that they would be safe but they're dead!

Mercy Lewis: Gather the young, the poor, the suffering. They will be our army.

Increase Mather: You know what to do with it?

Mary Sibley: There is still a place for us in this world.

John Alden: Only in dreams.

Mary Sibley: Dream with me.


[The episode picks up at the moment that "Ashes, Ashes" left off, with John Alden and Mary Sibley face to face in the woods outside Salem.]

John Alden: You're one of them.

Mary Sibley: Now you know.

John Alden: Know what? That you... you're a witch.

Mary Sibley: Yes. A witch. You should just keep going now. You don't have much time.

John Alden: I still need to know. Why?

Mary Sibley: Survival. All I want is for you to save yourself so go. Believe that I love you enough to simply be satisfied knowing you survive. Even if that means I'm never going to see you again.

[He turns her to face him, holds her for a moment studying her face, then kisses her. She takes the chain with her half of the silver coin out from her bodice and he shows her that he has his half.]

John Alden: It came back to me.

Mary Sibley: As you came back to me. All things return, like every salty tear returns to the sea. This is something one learns.

John Alden: As a witch?

Mary Sibley: As a woman.

John Alden: You know, my father said that this was the land of second chances. So this is ours. We could start again, all we have to do is walk away.

Mary Sibley: You don't understand, they'd never let me, I...

John Alden: Then stay. You have a choice. What you have to do, whatever it is, will it really make you happy?

Mary Sibley: I don't know.

John Alden: I think you do. I think you know as well as I do that there'll be no peace in your heart like there is today.

Mary Sibley: My heart has never known peace.

John Alden: Then maybe, just maybe, we'll find it together.

Mary Sibley: All right. I'll come. But there's something I must do first. If I don't go back and fix it, terrible things will happen. This is my vow. [She puts her half of the silver coin in his hand.] I will meet you here before the moon rises above those trees, I swear it.

John Alden: Okay. But when the moon goes, I go, with or without you.

Mary Sibley: [Kisses him] I shall be back.

John Alden: All right. [When he looks down at his hand, the two halves of the silver coin have rejoined to form a whole coin.]

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[Mary Sibley is walking alone in the woods when entrails are flung in her path, followed by a hand and a limb. Mercy Lewis steps out from behind a tree.]

Mercy Lewis: A tribute. For you. For you, my Queen.

Mary Sibley: Mercy. Of all the lost souls in Salem, I pity yours most of all. My dear, what have I done to you?

Mercy Lewis: What have you done to me? You have betrayed me.

Mary Sibley: It was never my intention to betray you, Mercy. I saw myself in your eyes, knew what it was like to have nothing, be nothing, and I wanted so much more for you. So I gave you what you wished for but I warned you.

Mercy Lewis: No, I didn't wish for my friends to be killed. I promised them that they would be safe because you, you promised me. But you lied. You lied, and now they are all dead. Everything that comes from your lips is a lie. It's a lie. Lie. Lies. Lies! Lies!

[Mercy disappears. The word "lies" echoes in the woods several times more.]

Mary Sibley: Mercy?

Mercy Lewis: [Offscreen] Don't look now. Not here. [Echoes: Not here, not here] You won't find me. But I will find you when you least want to be found.

Cotton's Chamber

[Two of the militia men is throwing papers, books and other tools for witch finding out of the window. Another stands by the door. Cotton Mather sits on his bed, watching. Isaac Walton enters.]

Cotton Mather: Isaac. Have you come to help dismantle my mind?

Isaac Walton: Is that what they're doing?

Cotton Mather: Yes, in effect. On my father's order. His condition for accepting me back into the flock. All my collection, all the tools of useless reason. All but one. [He shows Isaac a copy of the Bible.] My father says I must return to the beginning of all knowledge. As a reward for my loss and my humiliation, I am to be allowed to return with him to Boston. Oh, Isaac, what do you want with me in this, the hour of my abasement?

Isaac Walton: I don't know what that means, sir, but I came to say something about Captain Alden. He is to be hung today. But you two were friends, might never have said so but I know so, and I believe in this life we have no power to alter where or when we go but we can say things to each other. Sometimes words are all we have left. Have you said goodbye to Captain Alden?

Cotton Mather: I'm not sure I can bear to, especially given how much blame may lie on my shoulders. But, as usual, you speak with more wisdom than all the Mathers in history combined.

Isaac Walton: Good day, sir. [He leaves.]

Hale Cottage

[Anne Hale and Mrs Hale are sitting in the parlour spinning when Magistrate Hale enters, carrying a couple of bulging cloth sacks. Both stand as soon as he enters.]

Anne Hale: Father!

Mrs Hale: Where have you been?

Magistrate Hale: Shopping. I believe we shall have everything we need to survive for a week or more.

Anne Hale: Survive? Survive what?

[Magistrate Hale leads them into his study.]

Magistrate Hale: This way. Can you give me a hand with this, dear? [He lifts a live pheasant from one of the sacks and holds it out to Anne, who hesitates to take it.] What's the matter, haven't you ever held a live bird before?

Anne Hale: No, I... I haven't. [She gingerly takes the bird from her father.]

Magistrate Hale: Hold it a little, a little tighter. Feel its heart beating?

Anne Hale: Yes, I can. Don't worry, there's nothing to be frightened of...

[Magistrate Hale squeezes the pheasant's neck, tearing its head off. He takes the pheasant from Anne Hale, spraying one of the walls with its blood in the shape of a door. A portion of the wall disappears, revealing a hidden passageway and staircase. He picks up the sacks and leads the way into the passage.]

Magistrate Hale: Come.

[Anne Hale hesitates at the doorway but Mrs Hale pushes her through it and they follow Magistrate Hale up the staircase.]


[Note: Dialogue in italics is spoken in Widdershins. Elder 1 = The one with a face covered in pustules. Elder 2 = The one without eyes.]

[The Elders hiss in anger at Mary Sibley, who holds out the Malum to them.]

Mary Sibley: No! No more will die. This began with me and I shall be the one to end it. Silence! Or I shall deal with you as I dealt with Rose. No longer will you stand in my way, not now, not ever. I'm leaving Salem, and I am never coming back. You may do as you like when I am gone but you will not follow me, or hinder me in the years ahead.

Elder 2: It cannot be. You are the chosen.

Mary Sibley: Then unchoose me. Put Magistrate Hale in charge. His line is ancient and yet still springs green a new heir.

Elder 1: But you are the one. The one we made.

Mary Sibley: No, I'm not the one. I was just a black rose you grafted to your vine, and I've had enough, enough blood and death, and I will be free. [She turns and walks away.]

Elder 1: Go to Tituba. Tell her it is time.


[Cotton Mather stands outside the jail, looking in at the cell John Alden had occupied, which is now empty.]

Increase Mather: Ah, my son, with his customary expression of befuddlement and utter incomprehension.

Cotton Mather: What's happened, Father? Have you taken him off and killed him already? Without the benefit of final words or prayers or witnesses?

Increase Mather: Of course not. Would I do such a thing to an innocent man? You see, I never doubted in John Alden's innocence. Just as I know that he is a man of excessive personal honour, I never doubted the fact that he had ample and good reason for killing whoever he did kill.

Cotton Mather: You mock me, sir.

Increase Mather: No, I do not. Do you think that I don't know that Alden has no more malific or sulphuric power than you or I? Alden is a traitor, he is a murderer, he is a free-thinking heretic, he is a drinker, a man of loose morals and he is guilty of the sin of pride but a witch? Not at all. However, he is in love with a witch and, more importantly, a witch is in love with him.

Cotton Mather: You mean Mary Sibley? A witch?

Increase Mather: Believe it or not, as you choose. Nevertheless, it is true.

Cotton Mather: The most important woman in Salem a witch? Have you any proof, any evidence?

Increase Mather: At present I have none. However, when she is apprehended with her lover, a man she has freed from a locked jail cell with magic, I'll have her dead to rights.

[The militia men approach, two of them leading dogs. Increase Mather moves away from the jail cell to address one of them.]

Increase Mather: You, have you done as I told you?

Militia Man: Yes, sir. Tore it into two, snuck half of it into his pocket as I led him to his cell. [He shows Increase Mather the bloody cloth.] The other half here.

Increase Mather: Blood the hounds, run him down. Heed me carefully. Someone will be with him and they are both very dangerous so do not attempt to capture them or bring them back but execute them then and there, on the spot, both of them. You have my authority to do this, now off with you.

Cotton Mather: Sir. Sir, I plead with you to bring them back for a fair trial!

Increase Mather: There is no need for a trial. This is our one and only opportunity to avert the great death that they intend for us. I have no choice in this. The witch will die tonight.

Hale Cottage (Chamber of Blood)

[Magistrate Hale, Mrs Hale and Anne Hale enter the Chamber of Blood. The room is simply furnished, with a bed in one corner, a table and chairs and a desk, but it contains a shelf of books, an easel with a painting, a violin, and assorted other objects. Magistrate Hale sets the sacks he is carrying down on the table, which already has a collection of masks on it.]

Anne Hale: How long has this been here?

Magistrate Hale: Since I built the house. You do not survive all that I have survived without knowing how to keep a true hiding place. This room, whose door only blood can open, is our sanctuary. We'll be safe here.

Mrs Hale: How long must we stay inside?

Magistrate Hale: I think at least a week before the winds cleanse the air, and this, [he picks up an apple] this is how we will it has begun.

Anne Hale: What disaster unfolds outside that we must cower from in here?

Magistrate Hale: Tonight, there will be a plague released near Salem. A pox upon the Puritan house. Only those who carry the witch blood in their veins or are touched by it will be safe from this pox.

Anne Hale: Then I will die of it too. Cotton Mather examined me. I am no witch.

Magistrate Hale: Really? Then he is an even more incompetent witch finder than I thought. Look around. Don't you recognise anything here? When you were very little, I brought you here often, that you might not begin your life as a damn Puritan, without the sounds of the music in your ears or all the colours of art in your eyes. Here. [He walks over to the desk, opens the lid and takes out a drawing.] You drew that when you were three.

Anne Hale: [Seeing a carved wooden figure of a dancer in the desk, she lifts it out.] This.

Magistrate Hale: Well, that was your favourite. I carved it for you.

Anne Hale: But why... why can't I remember?

Magistrate Hale: Because I had to take away your memories until you were ready for them, but now you are.

Anne Hale: I do. I do remember. But I remember it dancing.

Magistrate Hale: It did dance for you. You made it dance.

Anne Hale: I...

Magistrate Hale: Look at it, and in your mind's eye, see it dancing.

[Anne Hale focuses her gaze on the figure she holds, which slowly begins to turn.]

The House of the Seven Gables (Mary's Boudoir)

[Mary Sibley is packing some of her belongings in a travel case. George Sibley is present, sitting in his wheelchair.]

Mary Sibley: Oh George, I shall miss the dazzling wit of your conversation. Do you know what tonight is, George? It's the luckiest night of your life. You will never know how close you all came to utter destruction. You once took away from me everything that meant anything but tonight I shall finally have it all back.

Tituba: Truer than you know. Mistress.

Mary Sibley: What do you want here, traitor?

Tituba: I, traitor? I, who have endured the worst that sick man could inflict upon my flesh to protect you? I think not. 'Tis you who have betrayed those who nurtured you, you who have turned your back on everything we have planned these long years.

Mary Sibley: No. No, I am leaving not to betray but to be true, perhaps for the first time, to myself. [She finishes her packing and picks up her case.]

Tituba: [Takes case from Mary.] You are going nowhere. Seven years ago, two girls walked into the woods. There, one of them made a vow. To seal that vow, she offered up a most precious thing: the life she carried within.

Mary Sibley: No need to remind me of that dark night. I shall never be free of its memory.

Tituba: No, you cannot forget what you have never really known. Have you never asked yourself, never wondered what really happened that night, where the life that swelled your belly went? [She shows Mary a small wooden box.] Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. All is only ever transformed. Open it.

Mary Sibley: [Opens the box to find a lock of brown hair tied with a red ribbon. She lifts it out of the box and breathes its scent.] My child lives?

Tituba: For now. Depending on your choice.

Mary Sibley: This, this is some foul trick in order to control me.

Tituba: No, you did not kill the child that night. You gave him to the Dark Lord we serve, and this child has been treasured like no other in a thousand years. He has lacked for nothing, except his mother.

Mary Sibley: What do you want from me?

Tituba: Only what you have vowed to do. Complete the Grand Rite and all shall be well.

Mary Sibley: And if I do not?

Tituba: A sacrifice deferred is yet more powerful, especially a blood sacrifice.

Mary Sibley: [Reaches out and grabs Tituba's face in one hand.] Hear me well, foul creature. You have manipulated me for the last time. I will complete your Grand Rite but when it is done, I swear to you, you will pay. [Releases her.]

Tituba: We must all live with our choices, Mary. You know that best of all.

The House of the Seven Gables (Dining Room)

[Mary Sibley is sitting at the dining room table writing a letter when Isaac Walton enters. The Malum, in its box, is on the table in front of Mary.]

Isaac Walton: He's gone! Captain Alden's missing. Was it you?

Mary Sibley: I told you I would not let him hang.

Isaac Walton: Thank you, Mary. Thank you. [He sees her take the Malum in her hand.] It's beautiful.

Mary Sibley: Yes, it is.

Isaac Walton: What is it?

Mary Sibley: Death.

Isaac Walton: Oh.

Mary Sibley: It's a bad thing and it needs to go to a bad place.

Isaac Walton: Then I'm your man.

Mary Sibley: [Hands Isaac the Malum and a large bag of coins.] Here.

Isaac Walton: That's a fortune.

Mary Sibley: Several fortunes, actually. Far less than you deserve, sweet Isaac, for doing such a job. You can start a new life with it. One as good as your good heart deserves.

Isaac Walton: Thank you.

Mary Sibley: Isaac, listen carefully. The most important thing is that when you leave it, you keep going, far away and quickly. Boston, New York, Virginia. Just keep going. And one more thing. On your way out of town, deliver this letter to Cotton Mather.

Isaac Walton: I shall never see you again, will I?

Mary Sibley: No, no I expect not.

Isaac Walton: That makes me very sad. You and the Captain are the closest things to friends I've ever had, except for a horse I once knew but she died.

Mary Sibley: You shall buy a new horse, a whole team of them, and you shall make new friends. This is the land of second chances. [As she speaks, Mary looks beyond Isaac to the window, through which the moon can be seen.]

Isaac Walton: You and John Alden, will you get your second chance?

Mary Sibley: Yes. Yes, I expect we will.


[John Alden is sitting alone in the woods. He looks up at the position of the moon, which indicates that it is past time for Mary Sibley to have joined him, and then briefly studies the reconstituted silver coin in his hand. He sighs, stands, and begins to walk away when he hears the sound of dogs in the distance. He breaks into a run.]

The House of Pain

[Increase Mather is sitting and reading when he becomes aware of a presence in the room with him. Mary Sibley appears behind him, in the shadows.]

Increase Mather: Who is here? Is it the Whore of Babylon?

Mary Sibley: Oh dear Increase, so terribly right and so terribly wrong.

Increase Mather: [Stands and slowly turns to face her.] I can see before my eyes how right I was. Your darkling glow burns brighter than ever. Witch.

Cotton's Chamber

[Cotton Mather is sitting alone in his chamber, now stripped bare of his books, papers and tools. He passes his hand through the flame of a candle. Isaac Walton enters.]

Isaac Walton: Sir. For you. [He sets Mary Sibley's letter on the table in front of Cotton.]

Cotton Mather: What is it?

Isaac Walton: I've no idea. Mrs Sibley asked me to give it you. Now I must go, for the road is long and my legs are not.

[Isaac Walton leaves. Cotton Mather opens the letter and is startled by its contents.]

The House of Pain

Increase Mather: Tell me, exactly how was I wrong?

Mary Sibley: You thought love would be my undoing, that I would be in the woods with my lover, and you would kill me there without a trial, thus ending my Grand Rite.

[As Mary Sibley is speaking, Increase Mather picks up one of his tools of torture and then takes a sudden swipe at her but she vanishes before the blow can fall. He stumbles and sees that she is now standing on the opposite side of the room.]

Mary Sibley: [Slowly circling Increase] I will share with you the secret that you and your kind have sought in vain for centuries. Innocent blood. Thirteen innocent sacrifices, and when the last is spilled, our Malum opens, unleashing the Red Death it contains within it. And yet not once in the last five hundred years have we succeeded. Until I came along and realised that we needn't spill a single drop of innocent blood ourselves, not when we had fearful and fanatical Puritans all too ready to do it for us.

[Increase swings his weapon at her head again but Mary has vanished before the blow falls. The claws of the weapon get stuck in the staircase and he struggles to free it. He gives up on it and, as Mary speaks, chooses a second weapon.]

Mary Sibley: So you gave us Giles Corey, Bridget Bishop, the Barkers, and others, and of course, those poor deceived girls. Innocent blood by the buckets. And now here we are. Night of full hunter's moon, twelve innocents dead, and only one more required before moon fall.

Increase Mather: Not if I kill you first.

Mary Sibley: Oh, yes. Kill the witch who began this Grand Rite and you might yet avert the death to come.

[Increase Mather swings his weapon at Mary Sibley, who flies out of harm's way.]

Mary Sibley: Good luck with that.

[Mary Sibley flies back down to stand face to face with Increase Mather. He takes two daggers from their holsters and throws them at her. She catches one and the other grazes her cheek as it flies past her.]

Mary Sibley: [Squeezes the dagger she caught until blood flows from her hand.] Oh Increase, you're gonna have to do so much better than that. But I will make you a promise. [She throws the dagger at him, cutting his upper arm, then licks her hand, smearing blood on her face.] It will end here, in this room, right now.


[John Alden runs through the woods, the militia men and their dogs following closely behind him. They catch up to him.]

Militia Man: You there, stop!

[The militia men surround John Alden, aiming their muskets at him. He raises his hands in surrender.]


[Isaac Walton slowly approaches the witch tree.]

Isaac Walton: You've done the right thing, Isaac, taking such a load off her hand. Mary said to put it here, in the old tree.

[Keeping as much distance as he can from the tree, he stretches to place the Malum inside the "cauldron", from which a thick black fluid begins to flow, before hastily pulling it away.]

Isaac Walton: This ain't right! Oh, this ain't right. Any fool can feel that, even this fool. She said you were Death. I'm gonna put you where the dead belong.

The House of Pain

Mary Sibley: You are no better than those you hunt. No, you're far worse. A witch, like a wolf, doesn't torture her sacrifice, only priests and inquisitors do that.

Increase Mather: Perhaps you can convince yourself that there is scant different between good and evil but I know better.

Mary Sibley: Did it ever occur to you that the dark power we gain is precisely that which you think you can expel from yourself?

Increase Mather: You know nothing, creature. Whatever happens here today only proves that what I believe is true.

[Increase Mather reaches out to throttle Mary Sibley but she vanishes and appears behind him, jabbing him at the base of the neck with her elbow. He falls forward onto the table, grabs one of his books and strikes her across the face with it. Offscreen, the door is heard opening as Cotton rushes in.]

Cotton Mather: Father! Father!

[By the time Cotton Mather enters, Mary Sibley is shackled to a chair, her face bloodied.]

Mary Sibley: Cotton! Thank God Isaac found you! Help me! Your father, he's gone mad.

Cotton Mather: Father, what have you done?

Increase Mather: I? I've done nothing. This succubus has come to me, she's playing with your mind. She has put herself into that chair!

Cotton Mather: What? How?

Mary Sibley: He's a devil. Oh, he's a mad devil, sir!

Cotton Mather: Father, you said Mary Sibley is a witch.

Increase Mather: She is a witch.

Cotton Mather: Then why is she not in the woods, Father, saving Captain Alden as you said she would be?

Increase Mather: I have no time for your idiotic questioning and less time for your infernal doubt!

Cotton Mather: Your great plan has proven nothing! Now you resort to torturing an innocent woman to obtain some kind of false confession!

Increase Mather: [Seizes Cotton by the lapels, shaking him.] Are you too blind to see? Look! [He gestures in Mary's direction.] She is not even there! She is a mere phantasm! [Mary Sibley begins to weep. Increase Mather backhands her across the face and she cries out in pain.] She is a spectre!

Cotton Mather: Father, I fear you have lost your reason!

Increase Mather: And you, boy, you have never had any reason, you pathetic failure. [He seizes a curved blade with a wooden handle from the weapons rack.] This bitch dies now!

Mary Sibley: [Crying in fear] No, no, please no.

[Increase Mather raises the blade but before he can kill Mary Sibley, Cotton Mather thrusts a sword into him from behind, striking a mortal blow. Increase groans. Cotton pulls out the sword, catching his father as he falls and holding him.]

Increase Mather: Cotton... Cotton... what have you done, you foolish... Cotton... Cotton... [He looks up at Mary Sibley, who is now calm.] Kill her. For God's sake, kill the witch! [He loses consciousness and appears to be dead.]

Cotton Mather: I have killed him. I don't... I don't understand. How did it... How do you come to be here?

Mary Sibley: He dragged me from my rooms. He was going to torture me. To death.

Cotton Mather: [Drags himself to his feet and unshackles Mary.] I must call for help.

Mary Sibley: No. No, there's no help for it now.

Cotton Mather: I must tell someone. I must tell someone what I have done.

Mary Sibley: No.

Cotton Mather: I must tell someone what I have done!

Mary Sibley: No, you would ruin your family, the very name of Mather. I will tell no one what he tried to do, nor what you did, but you must leave, Cotton. Go to Boston now, tonight, immediately.

Cotton Mather: What about him?

Mary Sibley: Better they find him here after you are gone. They will think those that support Alden got to him. Or even witches. Now go!

[Cotton Mather staggers away. Mary Sibley pulls the dagger that is lodged in the wall and turns back to Increase.]


[Isaac uses his hands to dig a small hole, then picks up the Malum to bury it. It vibrates in his hand.]

The House of Pain

[Mary Sibley moves to stand over Increase Mather's body, bending over it.]

Mary Sibley: Oh dear Increase, I hope you are alive enough to know what an honour you've been granted. [She buries the dagger in Increase's chest.]


[This scene shifts between Mary Sibley and Increase Mather, who have appeared in the woods, and Isaac Walton, who is in a different part of the woods. We see the Malum in Isaac's hand, the top sliding off to open it, revealing a crystal vial. Isaac lifts it out to examine it.]

Mary Sibley: Oh, such an honour, to be our thirteenth victim.

[Isaac opens the latch on the vial. At the moment of Increase's death, the sky turns red. Isaac removes what looks like a tiny beating heart from the vial and stares at it in horror for a moment before it explodes, spraying blood into his eyes.]

Mary Sibley: [voiceover] Our Grand Rite now is done. Blood-dimmed dawn now shall come. Powers of Moon and Sun ignite. All flesh trembles at the sight. Thirteen souls fed to hungry Earth opens the way for our Dark Lord's birth.

Hale Cottage (Chamber of Blood)

[The apple Magistrate Hale brought to show when the Malum opened rots as he watches.]

Magistrate Hale: It's begun. I honestly didn't think Mary'd be able to do it in the end.

Anne Hale: Mary? Mary Sibley? She is one of you?

Magistrate Hale: One of us? Oh, far more than that, dear. For better or for worse, she is the first among us.

Anne Hale: She is behind all this? She, a witch, killed all those innocents, killed Bridget, as a witch?

Magistrate Hale: Indeed, it was her idea to use the Puritans to sacrifice themselves for us. An inspired, if dangerous idea.

Anne Hale: Why has the sun come out? What is going on outside?

Magistrate Hale: Death. Death is happening.

Anne Hale: Then why aren't you trying to stop it? Why are we in here, while outside our friends and neighbours perish?

Magistrate Hale: It's too late for that. Now we can only wait and tend to the survivors.

Anne Hale: Survivors? I will have none of this, whatever it is. I would rather be with those that suffer it, not those that perpetrate it! [She goes to the door and tries unsuccessfully to draw back the latch.] Open the door.

Magistrate Hale: It is sealed. Only more blood will open it now.

Anne Hale: [Bangs on the door] Open!

Magistrate Hale: I told you, only blood.

Anne Hale: [Snatches a knife from the table] Then my blood.

Magistrate Hale: Anne, stop! Anne!

[Anne Hale attempts to cut her wrist.]

Mrs Hale: No!

Magistrate Hale: Stop! Stop it! [He wrestles the knife from her grasp and tosses it aside.]

Anne Hale: Let me out!

Magistrate Hale: I said stop it! [He slaps her across the face.]

Anne Hale: [Calm now, she walks away from the door, and turns to face her parents.] I am not you. I am not like you. I am not a witch!

[At Anne's shout, objects fly off the walls and the bed slides across the floor. The ceiling breaks, showering them with debris.]

Anne Hale: I am not you!

[The windows shatter. Anne's eyes turn red. The top of Mrs Hale's head explodes, spattering blood on Anne's face. Anne shouts and Magistrate Hale's body is pulled back, crashing against the wall. A broken shaft of wood flies to impale his forehead.]


[One of the militia men puts a noose around John Alden's neck. The rope of the noose is slung over the branch of a tree, and another of the militia men is holding the end of it, ready to pull.]

Militia Man: Time to meet thy Maker.

[Two of the militia men pull the rope, lifting John Alden into the air. He gasps for air, trying to loosen the noose around his neck. An arrow whizzes through the air to slice through the rope, allowing John to fall to the ground. A brief muskets vs arrows fight between the militia and the Mohawk ensues. John is shot.]


[Increase Mather is dead but his eyes are still open. Mary Sibley sits next to the body.]

Mary Sibley: Most agree the soul lingers for some time, very close to where the body lies. Sees and hears and feels keenly what happens. I'm glad of that. Glad you'll suffer through what's still about to happen. [The howls of the dogs can be heard in the distance.] How good of you to train these fine animals to lust for your own blood. It guarantees you the burial you deserve. The dogs will eat their fill of you and shit your remains out in the Crags.

[Tituba arrives]

Tituba: You did it, and soon the Red Death will destroy Salem.

Mary Sibley: No thanks to you.

Tituba: I have been much help I would say. Now I have even more to give. Come.

[Mary rises and follows Tituba away.]


[Mercy Lewis, surrounded by a crowd of young people, greets her new followers with smiles and caresses before speaking.]

Mercy Lewis: Now. Now. You see, children, only by killing the Rose will the Queen of the Night really become the Queen of the Night. Little did that mighty Queen know that all her plans would be turned upside down. Yes, that wasn't really the true Queen of the Night who beheaded the Rose. That was me. I beheaded the Rose. Though Mary Sibley knows it not yet, I am the Queen of the Night. And she will pay for what she's done.


[The episode ends with a brief montage of scenes; Tituba leading Mary Sibley through the woods, the dogs eating Increase Mather's remains, Cotton Mather riding away from Salem on horseback, and Anne Hale alone in the Chamber of Blood, Tituba bringing Mary Sibley face to face with the Elders, John Alden being carried away by the Mohawk, and Isaac Walton lying on the forest floor, twitching and vomiting, pustules already forming on his face. The Elders part to allow a little boy to approach. At the sight of him, Mary Sibley falls to her knees and holds out her arms to him. He moves into her arms and they embrace.]

[End Credits]

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